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I was about young and I found i had the ability to communicate with spirits i have a spirit guide and she helps me

Personal number 0565


Hello, beautiful souls! I offer spiritual guidance through tarot readings with an intention to help you gain more clarity and awareness regarding any issue you might be experiencing in your life. I am highly intuitive and work in collaboration with many benevolent spirit guides, so you might expect a reading really tailored to your particular situation and energy. If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact me! Love and light!

Personal number 1679


I have been doing psychic readings for 2.5 years now. I found out I was psychic in 2017. I obtained mediumship skills and also clairvoyance. I do relationship readings(with Astrology), work/income readings, sports readings, daily readings, departed loved ones readings, pet readings, and future readings. I am also clairaudient and clairsentient. I strive to build a relationship with my clients to bring spiritual clarity.

Personal number 5106


I have been studying Tarot and Astrology as well as other areas that exercise my psychic gifts for over seven years. As a yoga teacher, I have a special ability to read one's energy, evaluate where they need healing, and communicate what they are meant to hear in a powerful, often comforting manner. As an artist, I am blessed with a unique perspective that allows me translate the energy & guidance I receive from the universe in a way that speaks to my clients in a more personal, special way.

Personal number 6578


I am a spiritual healer as well as psychic. I discovered this at a young age while experiencing an ego death, but I've always had prophetic dreams as far back as 8. I was also into tarot at age 10,(when I got my first deck) after practicing with friends and clients I was told I had a gift, everything I said would unfold for them and that makes me happy. I feel very connected to nature and often give the best predictions there.

Personal number 2544


Tarot: Love & Relationships: Angel Cards: Clairvoyants: Healers: Mediums: Spirit Guides: Astrology XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx

Personal number 7455


Faith-based clairvoyant with a clear path for love,career and general readings. Dream interpretation services are available too.

Personal number 2218


I am an experienced astrologer who uses your energy to connect the flow of universal energies through my trusted tarot cards. Let me provide you with meaningful readings to help with making decisions, finding clarity, and feeling more confident. Embrace the connection of your past, present, and future. Call or message me to gain more insights into your love life, personal and work relationships, and overall daily life.

Personal number 0471