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Hi I am a clairvoyant medium and have had this ability since I was in my teens. I also read tarot cards and Angel cards as well as been a reiki master. I have read for many years and have read for hundreds of people.


Well-known California spiritual advisor & healer since 1996' Miss Bell Lee. Former Syfy channel Ghost Hunter specialist. Miss Bell Lee is well-known. In helping & healing all those in need. Spiritual advice. Spiritual guidance. Well known love expert. Reuniting lovers. Spiritual healings. Paranormal investigator. Seance-Ouija board sessions. Removing of negative energy. Creating the lucky hand. Call today to discuss your life issues.


I have been practicing reading tarot cards for a few years now. I am a pretty good judge of character based on your astrological signs. Certain traits from your sign mean alot when dealing with your character and the way you choose to handle certain situations.


I learnt to read Tarot cards at 12 years ago during a difficult time in my life and have created a deep bond with the craft for my customers as well as myself. Since a child I have been very in touch with the subtle realm. This is truely my life's work and service. I can also offer you intuative insight and guidance with Earth oracle cards. In addition I offer healing using meditation, connection to inner energy and guidance, singing bowls and gong


I LOVE to feel vibes and use tarot and astrology to put a picture together... We are complicated/complex energies. As a Very intutive and empathic woman I feel I am Sensitive in ways I can't fully explain. Sensing energies is in all of us I just feel I am tuned in.

Personal number 9262


I am a natural empath with psychic abilities. I am clairvoyant and I use many tools during readings including cards candles,crystal balls, crystals. I am certified in Rieke healing and have 9 years experience with the tarot. I can answer any questions you are facing with accurate time frames, mind reading and future predictions.


For as long as I can remember I have always had a strong urge to help others with compassionate advice, guidance and healing. It wasnt long before those around me noticed I had a real gift. I began refining my psychic gifts and talent about 15 years ago. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. I am able to connect with spirit to pass on guidance to you. I can read your natal astrological chart or consult the cards.


I am in natural born gifted psychic of my third generation I specialize in past present future love marriage divorce career twin flame soulmates and much more I am a very powerful psychic my readings are always accurate and on point

Personal number 0127