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I am an experienced astrologer who makes connections using the flow of universal energies through tarot cards that help me provide meaningful readings. A conversation with me will help you make decisions, find clarity, and feel more confident to embrace your future. Call or message me to gain more insights into your love, relationships, and daily life.

Personal number 7296


For a long time I thought I was just as normal as anyone else. 4 years ago I learned I had some abilities. So I learned how to unlock my true abilities. I learned how to use my abilities only for good and wanted to help others.


Personal number 3846


I believe I have a deep intuition for the inner beings of a persons body and mind. I am able to read the desires and wants in other people, especially when it comes to love. I was shy and secluded until I found the ability within me. :)

Personal number 3737


I am kind, loyal, caring, a great listener, never judgemental and always try to see both sides of a story. I like to treat people fairly and with respect and am naturally empathetic, intuitive and creative.


My name is Solivagant and I am a professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium I am blessed to love and hate the work I do. I've dedicated my life to my work, and I gain my greatest rewards by working in unison with you to put purpose back into your life, and to find a way to love both yourself and your life to the fullest. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to use my intuitive and psychic gifts, which grow in strength and validation year on year to assist people, in so many ways.

Personal number 0846


Aloha from Hawaii! 8 years of studying Wicca, have worked w/ Tarot cards for 12 years & use them heavily w/ my readings. AA in Sociology w/ focus of sex, love, & relationships. A minor in Psychology, specifically, feminine/LGBTQ+ mental health. My approach is a mixture of ancient magik & modern phycological techniques to fulfill your aspirations that match your morals. They say "you can't love until you love yourself." for a reason. Working together to get you to the best you, you can be.

Personal number 3560


I never thought I would have this, and for years I wasn't sure if I enjoyed my abilities. I struggled with it but now I know I have been given these powers for good and must help others.

Personal number 3585