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Hello, firstly Thank you so much for checking my profile out! I am JacksonG, I work with tarot to help you with Love & Relations, careers, and spiritual coaching, helping you bring spirituality into your life or helping you through issues you may be facing. I first found my gifts when I was very young speaking with spirit and just knowing things! I am a certified tarot reading and grandmaster energy healer reading professionally for 6 years now. I am friendly and upbeat. hope to speak soon.

Personal number 7518


Will open your eyes to upcoming dangers, spiritual and all beyond. We will reach beyond outward energies and reach toward the spiritual realm.

Personal number 9654


Your love story was going well and you almost didn't believe it was true. What a great love you lived with him, between dreams, plans for the future, the hope that he would make that agonized decision. Suddenly something has changed. He became cold, detached, those phone calls decreased, the meetings less and less frequent. Why does he do this? Why is he suddenly avoiding you? Will he ever come back to me? Will he love me again like he used to? Sugar can give you this answer and help you

Personal number 0055


In a nutshell I will let you know about you things you did not know about yourself also I will let you know about a past future or existing relationship you are involved in

Personal number 9520


I discovered my gift when I was in Jr.High. I have the spiritual abilities to see the presence of love and hate in relationships. I specialize in relationships and love. I can see jealous spirits. I can see cheating spirits. I can also see spirits of insecurity.

Personal number 6541


I discovered my psychic abilities at a young age. I could always sense spirits around me or hear then talking. I started doing readings in college and I Grey from there. I do tarot, charms, oracle, runes and use a pendulum to do my readings

Personal number 0238


There is something about the universe that has always fascinated me, it contains so much souls and none are the same.

Personal number 2095


All my life I knew I was diffferent. I was in denial for a long time but come to realize and except my gift. Instead of shying away, I will embrace my abilities and help others discover their inner strength and resilience. After I discovered that I was a life path 33 I was moved to action. I am determined two step into my appointed role as a master teacher of life.

Personal number 5570