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I am a 3rd generation clairaudient intuitive adviser. I have studied astrology and numerology for 10 years, tarot for the past 8 years, and I have practiced as a paid adviser for the past 6 years. All of my readings include a mix of clairaudience, intuitive tarot, astrology, and numerology. I specialize in life path, career/finance, relationship coaching, and blockage removal. I am a diviner, a conjurer, and a seer let's dive deep get into these messages.



Welcome! I have been doing tarot professionally for about 6 years now.I use the Rider Waite deck since it is rich in symbolism. There's no good or bad cards.It all depends on the context. The tarot does not answer yes or no questions. It is better to ask, "What would be the result if" Instead of "Should I..." My goal as the divinator is to help you understand the meaning of the cards and to come up with your own interpretations. This way is more accurate and you get more out of it.


Ever since I was a child, I've just "known" things. My grandmother has always told me that I was special, but I needed to accept it and learn how to harness and control my gift. She has often referred to me as a fallen angel, trying to find her way back home. I specialize in seeing your future, especially as far as relationships, careers, children, etc. If you have a question, I have your answer

Personal number 5548


Looking for an answer Is life confusing you Need some guidance on which path to follow The angels are here to help, let me voice them too you

Personal number 0536


Im ekaterina I'm an empath who shares compassion and the drive to give you guidance in making your life better Connect with me for life advice Changes coming .. passed away family members or just if you're feeling lost


I have the ability to read your runes and also tarot readings. From your past, your present and what's to come next for you.


Since I was a child I have always had an intuition and vision from out of this world and could see what many will never be able to. I have been told that this abilities have been passed down from my ancestors who come from a line of healers, clairvoyants, spirit guides, and much more from both sides. It only takes me a few minutes into a conversation to make someone feel as if I've known them all their lives and seem to be able to foretell what's to come ..