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I was conceived in ritual on hallowed ground, raised by many psychics and healers that guided me into my gifts of healing and spiritual connection. I have helped many people. It is my journey to help humanity and guide those that seek my guidance to their greatest potential.

Personal number 7144


Named after the Goddess of Egyptian Thrones, it would be apparent that My psychic expertise include seeing your future in royalty, love and career! I am especially great at reading your astrology, analyzing your dreams, and seeing your future career and love life!

Personal number 2103


life's purpose, direct you to the right path. If your feeling emotionally or spiritually drained, gone off course in your life's path? Don't miss your chance, give me a call and find out how to get back on the right .path and find your soulmate! I can also tell you if your current partner is faithful to you. I will also help you make the right decision when it comes to family, career and life choices that confuses you to the core. Please contact me I am Psychic Suellen

Personal number 3413


Hello! I am Ruby May. I have practice in 10 years of professionally observing human behavior. I have a psychology degree. I specialize in advice on love and relationships. I am here to listen to your thoughts and concerns,and propose a non-bias opinion. I may show you a point of view you never knew existed!


I have been reading for 20+ years and have been a empath all of my life. I work along side my spirit guides and angels to offer a honest but non judgemental reading. Specialising in relationships and personal development. I also have a love for crystals, so on occasion if you are open I will suggest working with certain crystals to amplify our work. Rider-Waite tarot deck is my deck of choice. Other card readings available please contact for additional information.


I am a gifted experienced reader I come from a long generation of psychics. At the age 9 I knew I had the gift . My grandmother help me develop my gift. I Specialize In love readings tarot card readings Energy readings crystal readings career & more . My hope is to give u a better understanding of your self , your relationship & what the future holds . I give u accurate insight to give you full clarity . I do not sugar coat but I help u to understand and get pass any breaking point in your life

Personal number 1554


Everything start when I was on my twenties. I have many stories, some are very scary. But this one in particular is being always on my head. I woke up in the middle of the night all I could hear was my friend whispering my name and calling for help. My intuition told me to call her at 2:00 am in the morning. Guess what? She need be helped. I'm glad I did. Since then I studying the art of psychic with emphasis in love and relationship, tarot, healer. Reach me out if you need some help.

Personal number 7034


I am a southern psychic focusing on healing and future-seeing. I rely a bit of old eastern psychic techniques such as tarot and astrology but my specialty is the southern voodoo practices I learned from my Cajun mother and grandmother. I use potions, sacrifices and communication with voodoo spirits to gain insight about the past, present, and future. My goal is to help you bring clarity and good energy to your life.

Personal number 0149