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My name is CalliMae, I am a very friendly, fun, creative person. I am open to most ideas and topics and I'm kind of shy. I discovered my abilities about 12 years ago and have been helping people with it ever since. I am really good at what I do and would love to and would look forward to chating with you and helping you.

Personal number 1365


Hi Im Lauren. I have 15 years experience giving personal readings. I try where the spirits allow to provide guided and positive readings that will hopefully help you take the right path. If you have a specific problem or question I will always endeavour to help and please ask questions freely. Always here for you.


Born with a veil as the seventh child of a seventh child for three generations. Serenity is a very uplifting spiritual psychic advisor. She uses her gifts as an empath and medium, as well as angel cards to provide details to your questions regarding love, finance, relationships and career. A favorite of her clients Serenity uses her abilities to provide detailed information in the forces of positive energies To give you the guidance that you need.

Personal number 9323


I specialize in Lithomancy: the reading of stones and Oneiromancy: dreams. I will first read your spirit so that I know I am in tune with you and then I will read your fortune. You may hear things that frighten or upset you but that is not my intent I simply speak what I am told.

Personal number 8052


I have always known that I were different from everyone else. I have the ability to feel when spiritual energy is around me. I can also read most people's energies, moods, & mindsets. I also can communicate with those who have passed away as well as those who may be stuck here with unfinished business. I can help to bring peace to you and your deceased loved ones. Let me Guide you to peacefulness

Personal number 2318


Personal number 3939


I have seen alot in my time and I can tell you what will come next love, heartbreak, cheating I know it all

Personal number 2431


Come to me with your questions, concerns, hopes, dreams. I've been a professional reader for twenty years. Being 100 percent accurate is the reason people come to me time and time again. I'm here to guide you in your personal path life has laid out for you. Put your trust in me and I promise to open your mind, spirit and heart to the truth.