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After an operation I fainted and started to see the world in a different way my path is getting a new dimension and I will heal your pain.

Personal number 4399


I found out that I was able to speak with the deceased when I was very young after my father died. Nd have been able hear and see them ever since. I do many forms of healing qnd own a spiritual healing business doing reiki. Which a type of healing. I have guided people in training. Path finding nd many other things as well fir about 9 years.

Personal number 7516


I have been reading tarot and giving readings for almost ten years. I am well regarded for my insight and intuition

Personal number 3537


Here to help with your pyschic needs. I can help guide you through difficult times in your life and provide key advice

Personal number 8085


Hello! I am MysticalMujer and I am ready to help you with the mystery that you need to understand. Do you have a question? Maybe you just want to know what is going on behind your back. Is it love you are looking for, or is it money? Whatever you need me to do, I am ready to give you my

Personal number 0604


I have always had psychic feelings for as long as I can remember. I love nothing more than to guide you on the right path and help you decide if your making the right choices. Go easy on me though I'm new here �?�️ x

Personal number 7183


Call me for a sincere, experienced and in-depth analysis of people's intentions. The tarot is a great tool to reveal a path to all your questions.

Personal number 7279


About me, first of all I am a licensed psychologist and holistic therapist, but above all I am a life lover. Love is the most powerful feeling in the Universe. I believe in greatness and that we all are amazing. I believe in magic. My intention is to waken the magic that is still very much alive in the world and in you. Come with me and let's create the future we want to live in.

Personal number 7135