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Hello my name is coco. My psychic abilities are very good. I have practiced my skills on love and relationships for three years. I discovered my abilities by other people that needed help with their love loves and also getting back in the dating field. I am currently in school working on getting my degree and sports medicine and become a physical therapist for sports. Please contact me if you have anymore questions

Personal number 4419


Welcome all, my name is Mimi, a young woman born within the U.K. Throughout this journey, I have built upon my deep rooted passion for learning, spiritual development, divination through various means such as Tarot/Oracle/Guidance/Crystal and Chakra cards as well as numerology & herbs. I hope to be of service to those on a similar journey while in turn learning from you all simultaneously.

Personal number 9208


I am a Tarot Reader (raider waite) and have been for 30 years. I have helped numerous people get their life on track, and have prepared them for the possibilities ahead. Affairs of the heart? I'm VERY confident in my abilities. You will not be disappointed.


I have read for hundreds of ppl connected them with their true loves and giving astrological readings

Personal number 6174


Personal number 5435


My name is Bimini. I am here to help. If you need love or life advice I am here to help. Let me help you by seeing into your world and giving you my 2 cents.

Personal number 5914


I am a clairvoyant psychic who loves tarot reading individuals for relationship, love, professional and family advice. I love doing psychic drawings. I'm also able to help you figure out what chakras you need balancing with my chakra oracle deck. I'm a very positive bouncy soul. I appreciate others who can be respectful.

Personal number 5733


Life is a beautiful journey full of love & happy moments. Sometimes though it seems something blocks our path. It can seem like nothing ever goes our way, or we may feel like we will never be happy again. It doesn't have to be that way. I'm Daisy Rain, an intuitive empath that can help you discover what's blocking your path so you can face it, understand it, & continue on the beautiful path you deserve to be on. Be assured I won't judge your lifestyle or choices. I'm only here to help guide you.