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Personal number 7136


I learned I was different at a very young age having friends whom had already passed on I played with for hours on end and I practice threw mind and rock readings. And some card readings mostly I practice from my mind though I am able to answer. Many things before you ask them and can even communicate with. Many whom have passed on to a better place as well. I seek to help those who struggle in life. With there questions and. Helping them. Get the. Unanswered questions answered and find peace

Personal number 0379


My name is savanna and ever since I was a child I felt different from my friends I realized that I was different as a young child after I started to predict small things like , when the phone would ring , when someone was about to visit, and were random things were in the house . I later started having premonition like dreams that left me feeling Déjà vu Throughout the day until I realized I had already seen what was yet to come , or better sense it .

Personal number 4925


Personal number 5436


I tell it like it is. Treat me with respect & I will do the same for you. I've done reading sessions for people for 20 years. Counseling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Business, Job, Career, Love, Family, Divorce, Grief, loss of a loved one, help find missing items, help find missing people, help find missing pets, concerns about your pet, get in touch with deceased relative, get in touch with a deceased pet. Please allow me at least 48 hours to answer your questions.

Personal number


Personal number 4100


I've always known I had...a 6th sense to say the least. Be it a call in the kddke of the night at just the right time to a loved one in need to the 'feelings' that protected my newborn infant & I from an intruder. My mother raised me to be aware of it and I've learned to tune it over the years. In a sense, I've alway been a 'practicing' psychic yet I've only worked professionally for about 5 years now. I enjoy bringing people any peace of mind I am able to.

Personal number 3591


I am a spiritual counselor, clairvoyant healer. I am an empath and connect not just emotionally but spirtially.That's the business side of things. But there's also the me side of things; the woman who can't resist petting animals and who has an occasional chocolate bar for dinner, who is more than passionate about women's spirituality (and rights!) and loves living this amazing life of mine.

Personal number 2896