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I am to give the best Supernatural readings. I am a natural at calming and giving insight as to what you should expect. Providing info in regards to love and healing is my specialty.

Personal number 2621


I have a life long history of everyone being amazed at how intuitive i am naturally. I do tarot for a living as well as spiritual guidance and pretty much ive got you covered on all your spiritual needs ^w^

Personal number 5725


This is an ability I have had for many years, from my childhood. I choose now to focus on the light and specialise in the use of angel cards to support and guide those who need it.

Personal number 9515


I have been in many situations where astrology has been able to pin point your as well as what's soon to be coming in your life

Personal number 1606


I am the type of girl who will tell you everything you want to hear .might just even take you to an imaginary world of fucking me

Personal number 3604


Hello everyone I'm someone whose in touch with her surroundings as well as other people's surroundings. From a young age I began seeing and feeling forces other people couldn't see and feel and I've since been able to see aspects of people's lives that they cannot see and feel and I help them channel all these energies positively to help them become better individuals.

Personal number 5887


I have been given the gift of seeing things very clearly that others may never. I cannot tell you the future because it is never certain, but I can clarify your path.

Personal number 4906


I have the ability to feel anyone's stress. Instantly determine things they need to do to recover from this stress and also guidance to avoid it.

Personal number 7897