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Hello out there, my physic experiences started at a very early age. I read people without knowing that that was what I was doing. Sensing the true nature and intentions of those around me. I receive physic information through dreaming, automatic writing, pendulum, and tarot cards. Tapping into the energy of the concern, or question at hand is also a gift that I have.


Hi I am very excited for this opportunity. I love to examine people's life and help them explore things that important to them or help them over come something that's weighing on there mind. The future is bright and full of adventures. Many people don't even no what it holds in store for them. I love to help anyone I can to the best of my knowledge.

Personal number 3830


I am an intuitive tarot and oracle reader. I have always had an extra sense of knowing and enjoy using tarot to share that gift with others to help guide them on life's journey. I look forward to helping you find the answer to your questions.

Personal number 9087


I have been experienced in the Tarot since I was 13 years old and found a real connection with the symbolism, the artistry, and the deeper meanings behind the pictures. My deck is the standard Ryder-Waite, though I use the Dali deck for those in true, deep spiritual crisis and whose answers are more amorphous and unsolved by the medieval forces that guide the cards.

Personal number 9673


I am very good about when it comes to advice about love and relationships im good at seeing why relationships come to a stop i like to help rebuild relationships and help reunite the relationship

Personal number 6905


I am a gifted Empath with the ability to emotionally connect on a psychic level and read the feelings of other beings. This helps me to advise anyone who is looking for insight about life decisions and thoughts.

Personal number 7423


I've had a special gift that I started to notice when I was 8 years old. I've always had a gift of for seeing future events, connecting with spirits and guiding people into the future. Connect with me for love advice, spiritual guidance and connections, dream interpretation and much more!

Personal number 3586


Hello, I am an empath with clairaudient and clairsistient abilities. I became aware of my abilities from the age of five. Over the past ten years I have become expertise with reading tarot cards and giving detailed, accurate and meaningful readings for many clients. I particularly specialise in love a different relationships, though general readings are welcome. I am a deeply intuitive and compassionate reader, but will not mislead you or give you false hope. Love and Light!

Personal number 5504