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I have always had an affinity for my psychic powers and I have always had a fascination surrounding it, hence leading me to discover my own abilities. I am a natural clairvoyant and it is something I discovered at an early age.


Hello my name is Kariss. Please don't fret at contacting me . I am a hypersensitive empath .. and I actually love making personal connections. I offer therapeutic readings and psychic advice..I'm learning to trust my gift so I would thank anyone who trusts me. I give insights on love, sex, self esteem .. pretty much anything that bothers you will be eased.

Personal number 8263


Dreams and visions started haunting me at age nine...Always a supremely sensitive soul, I have found a way to have peace with the constantly swirling messages --- I channel them to aid and inform other souls who are struggling with confusion and fear. Let me give you the answers you seek; together, we will divine the meaning that will guide you to your destiny!


Hi allow me to introduce myself my name is Doris I'm a psychic reader and adviser I've been a psychic for 37 years helping and spiritually guiding And consulting for others I specialize in Tarot card readings chakra readings, aura balancing , I also can see past lives I am very blessed to have a gift has this that allows me to be a clairvoyant I have connected with love ones that have passed over. I am the leading psychic here in the Melbourne Florida area

Personal number 2027


Since I was a young girl, I knew there was something special about me. It started with dreams that would come true and evolved into flashes of the distant future. After years of giving love and relationship advice that has helped couples in their relationships. I've decided to broaden my grasp and offer my services to the world.


what do you want to know? I have your answers. Need help with a lover? A family member? Need help easing your 6th sense? I'm your Psychic

Personal number 9804


Hello, My name is ArdentJazper and I specialize in Career and finance, personal growth, Cartomancy, Tarot, energy reading, and Oracles. I am a TwinFlame, an Earth Empath, claircognizant, Clairaudient, Telepathy, Predictions and world prophesies.

Personal number 2439


psycology and astronomy services if you need help our just a friend to talk im that person and I have services like : Attractions for love Spiritual marriage Marriage together Distance from rivals All-purpose sympathies Cure of spiritual diseases Opening of ways Complete Astral Maps Spiritual counseling Consultations through African Whelks Marseille Tarot, Sign queries Rune andCrystal Queries