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Hi my name is psychic ann I have been doing this for 30yr I can help you when you are feeling lost and confused My readings are honest and straightforward and I do not sugarcoat they are also non judge mental I can help give clarity to your situation whether it be love marriage relationships business

Personal number 1919


Hello, and nice to meet you. I specialize in Love and Guidance. I've practiced my abilities from a very young age and have grown and strengthened my eye. Ive been helping others openely for 5 years. I'm here to give you insight into what you seek, guidance for your future, and how your relationships with others are affecting you.

Personal number 3553


I have an extrodinary gift of being able to see into the future I realised this as a young child when I had visions in my dreams of future events I decided to use my gift to help people for the good. I have been doing readings for 15 years and I have helped many people overcome there problems

Personal number 7534


Tarots are a link between the other world and this one, informing us of that which we know or hope to discover. I was born with a veil as are all the Dalai Lamas I have been doing readings and helping others for 35 years and have been able to locate the missing. Don't stay stressed, it helps immensely to talk to someone.

Personal number 1401


Hi, I am Mystic Marg. I am a 100% experienced, caring and a compassionate person you don't have to be shy with me because I am an expert and will advise you where ever possible. Perhaps you are looking for a general reading and just want to see if I can take a look at your future or maybe you have a love and relationship issue that needs resolving? Whatever needs to be looked at I am here to advise you. Drop me a message and I will get straight back to you.

Personal number


Personal number 8694


A spiritual guide to give you the peace of mind you need. I've been working in this industry for a number of years.

Personal number 1330


Hi there My name is AmethystMoon and I'm here to help and guide you in times of trouble. Here to help, empathize and sympathize. Here to find you a way forward when you can't always see the way yourself. Come connect with me today and let's start your journey

Personal number 4726