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ElementOfFire is a uniquely gifted Tarot Reader and Psychic, offering guidance to you in a way that is nurturing, supportive and empowering. Accurate readings are delivered as well as the highest outcome for your situation.

Personal number 9738


Is someone cheating? Is a breakup coming? How can you fix your relationship? Are you happy? Welcome to My Page, Indica Jayde will help with all your problems. Horoscopes. Find Love, Maintain Love & Prevent Heartbreak.

Personal number 7675


I have over ten years experience in Tarot reading, dream interpation and finding lost objects. I also use my spirit guides (when needed) as well as I am clairvoyant and clairaudient.

Personal number 0107


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LovelyOsun, is a fourth generation psychic. He has been aware of her psychic gift of spiritual insight and awareness since childhood and eventually went to her father's homeland to be trained in spiritual tradition by her grandmother. She uses Clairvoyance and Astrology to to tune into your questions on love and career. Her reading style is patient and inspirational. LovelyOsun creates an immediate feeling of non-judgmental comfort through the healing energy of her voice.

Personal number 6502


Hello my name is Abra and I've been reading tarot, tunes and the ogham for many years. I first discovered my abilities when I was a little girl of eight and would have dreams that came true. I began reading tarot soon after ages found that I could focus my abilities using the cards. I specialise in self awareness and live readings and I am a non judgemental and open minded reader.

Personal number 9783


My specialty is reuniting lovers. I will read your destiny with the one in your heart and see if you're meant to be or just absolving karma together. Twin-flames & Soulmates have separations for growth purposes, but always reunite. I am a natural born clairvoyant and empath which I inherited from my grandmother. I am able to foresee and predict things before they actually happen. I sometimes use tarot or angel cards as a tool to get a clearer and better view of certain situations.

Personal number 5376