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Hey there, are you wondering what the stars are saying to you ? Need help with love and relationships ? I am your girl. I specialize in Astrology and relationships to help guide you on your journey today.

Personal number 6689


Hello and welcome to our beautiful world. I am here to connect with your energy to help you in the field that you need. I do not predict the future I read what's in your energy field right now so you can work on that and change the outcome that is foreseen. Let's connect and see what wonderful things can come out of our chat! Nice to meet you beautiful soul!

Personal number 0779


Born with an incredible gift. Love, relationships, money, work, clarity.... you name it.... I am highly experienced, I am also very direct, and brief. So let's get to the point in guiding you in the right direction.

Personal number 4031


I discovered my psychic abilities quiet young. People thought I was just crazy until I started predicting little things in their love lives specifically. I can always tell the outcome of any marriage or relationship

Personal number 4730


My name is GlowTarot I have been professionally reading Tarot cards for over 20years. However, I have been in touch with my Paychic and Spiritual since my teenager years.I provide guidance in numerous areas such as love,relationships,work and home. I specialise in the Rider Waite Deck using Celtic Cross Spread and I can go in-depth into any questions or situations you desire. I am a great believer of positivity.

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I grew up just "knowing things." I would have, what I call, a "push" to say something to someone. They would ask how I knew things about them and I would say, "I don't know." It took me sometime to realize that not everyone has these feelings. I continue to learn about my gifts and to am finding a stronger connection than ever with my guides. I'm grateful to have the ability to help people move toward serenity just by use of my gifts.

Personal number 8083


Hello, my name is Morriganmae. I have been giving psychic readings professionally for over 22 years.I discovered very young that I posses a unique gift that allows me to help others spiritually. I offer compassionate readings, and empathically feel the energy of those I read for. I offer help for past, present, and future, love, family, life path, health, relationship,paranormal and spiritual development. I am highly intuitive, which enables me to give accurate and meaningful readings.

Personal number 1920


Hello lovelies! I'm here to help you with relationships advice and what you can do to step your game up. I discovered my gift shortly because pre-teen years, and my gift I've the course of years got stronger. With personal experiences and with my gift I've always been able to guide others within their relationship. How can I help you?

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