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My name is Lola and I am a spiritual advisor, healer, medium and psychic. I have a genuine love and passion for guiding people on their spiritual journeys. My readings are positive and highly accurate. There is no other psychic like me, plus I'm sexy! Call me to get your reading today!

Personal number 9352


I have been physic for almost 26 years, when I was young I was aware when I looked at somebody I would hear messages from the other side or see flashes of their future, I am always honest whether its good or bad news, I do this so that loved ones can pass on messages to the ones they've left behind. I also do angel cards/ tarot cards to help you make decisions in your future

Personal number 0024


Personal number


Greetings everyone I'm Vohn Moreau welcome to my profile. I have been doing professional Tarot and Oracle readings for over 10 years, my skills as a reader and life coach can help you find the resolve to your most pressing issues and answers to your most pressing questions, let me help you and thanks for stopping by.

Personal number 9463


Your wildest dreams can come true if you apply yourself look beyond the stars to find yourself spiritually the universe can't hold back what's to come for you. Give me a call to learn more about your future!

Personal number 2637


I discovered my abilities when I was just 16 I was looking at my friend and said I can read you and what's going on with you right now, no one believed me until I lit read her and told her everything she needed to hear

Personal number 3266


If you want the answer to your question I'm here. Working with cards I have an insight into your world and can guide you through challenging times. I'm mature, experienced and compassionate. Let me help you along your path.

Personal number 8919


Hello I am well experienced non judgmental psychic I specialize in LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, CARRER, HEALTH, FAMILY AND MUCH MORE I am here with open arms ready to listen and help you in any way I can...much blessings

Personal number 2115