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I am an intuitive reader, I am empowering, compassionate and honest I can give spiritual guidance, interpret dreams, I am connected to my spirit guides and ancestors. I am empathetic, understanding and direct with my delivery.

Personal number 7182


my accurate predictions will keep you astounded and keep you coming back again for more. Life-changing information awaits if 'you have no fear' and the ability and or motivation it takes to listen to the signs you are given, yes take actions on the signs and actually making any needed changes. Despite difficulties, it's important to seek and listen to the guidance that the Angels offer. After all, the angels were and still are 'gifted to us' - yes a wonderful, loving gift." Words of Wisdom


Astrology is the center of this universe, it helps you to understand your path in life and where your journey might take you and also how to stay afloat and don't allow the rollercoaster of life to tear you down. I am here to help you find yourself and find self love and build relationships with others.

Personal number 9538


I am an intuitive tarot and oracle reader. I have always had an extra sense of knowing and enjoy using tarot to share that gift with others to help guide them on life's journey. I look forward to helping you find the answer to your questions.

Personal number 9087


Are you having a hard time with relationships, friendships, or anything going on in life? If so I would love to help you with whatever you need. I can help you access the energies of angelic beings that want only to love and care for. I study the patterns and relationships so I can help you through whatever you need help with.

Personal number 6139


I have over ten years experience in Tarot reading, dream interpation and finding lost objects. I also use my spirit guides (when needed) as well as I am clairvoyant and clairaudient.

Personal number 0107


I have been physic for almost 26 years, when I was young I was aware when I looked at somebody I would hear messages from the other side or see flashes of their future, I am always honest whether its good or bad news, I do this so that loved ones can pass on messages to the ones they've left behind. I also do angel cards/ tarot cards to help you make decisions in your future


Personal number 7032