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I give advice on love and relationships. I am a nice down to earth person and my specialty is love and relationships, I am here for you.

Personal number 4973


Hello! My name is Bailey, and I've always been obsessed with astrology. I've been predicting social, professional, and relationship outcomes based on primal astrology for a long time. I'm usually dead-on, but I'm still learning as I go. I'm really in tune with my intuition and instincts, and if nothing else, I'm a shoulder to lean on.

Personal number 5763


I Specialize in Tarot Cards and have been practicing nfor many years. I Specialize in past, present and future readings. I can give you the answers to your questions and future using my knowledge of Tarot Cards.

Personal number 7181


Everyday we have the opportunity for positive growth and change, if we choose to take it. My gift at reading Tarot will allow me to help you see your true path clearly and make good choices. I want to help you find the answers to your questions.

Personal number 2298


My psychic abilities were discovered at a young age, and passed on to me by my grandmother. This lead to her teaching me to read tarot cards in my early teens. My areas of expertise is love and relationships. I'm caring, compassionate and honest and can't wait to read for you.


Love and Light! I am Iridescent Clarity, she who brings the spectrum of truth in its many colors. I'm fourth generation gifted from both sides of my ancestral lineage, an initiated mystic priestess who has been exploring her gifts since a young age! I'm fluent in over 16 different forms of divination, all of which assist my first line of ethereal intuition. I deliver compassionate, humorous, inspirational, straight forward truth with no fillers, in my cosmically poetic flow. Let's talk!

Personal number 4490


Hello, we are in the medium family from father to daughter, at least my father inherited the gift from my great grandmother. I can communicate with the deceased via a simultaneous recording session.

Personal number 2592


Personal number 8819