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I Specialize in Tarot Cards and have been practicing nfor many years. I Specialize in past, present and future readings. I can give you the answers to your questions and future using my knowledge of Tarot Cards.

Personal number 9844


I have been working with the cards for the last 15 years and have always felt a strong connection to spirit and the divine. I like to read from a practical point of view. If I will see something I will tell you, I tend to not sugar-coat my readings. I am also a reiki practitioner and have a deep interest in astrology and am open to all different belief systems. I welcome all with open arms. Xxx ** can you please send me your DOB for you and anyone else you would like me to look into **

Personal number 3996


Hello everyone, my name is Addison. I have psychic abilities in the form of emotions. I can feel what other people are feeling I can also feel the presence of spirits and what they are feeling. I read tarot cards if anyone is interested can book an appointment with me. Tarot cards can help guide us in life and they can be helpful spiritually. I can also guide and help by helping you understand what your readings mean.

Personal number 1948


As an intuitive reader, I am guided by a natural understanding that comes through empathy,an open heart,open mind and spiritual clarity. I offer card readings,intuitive readings and creative readings translated through artwork,shared with honesty and clarity. I am honoured to be a part of your journey.


I'm here to help guide you to see and find the void you feel within your existence accompanied by the help of entities around us. Open to all vibes, waves, frequencies and are usually closest to positive but yet eccentric sets, being in this state helps kick-start your new journey you know your here for and encourages you in the direction your life voyages awaits you. Message any time.

Personal number 7678


I am very grateful to help everyone who needs it. I love to follow you on your spiritual path. If you are in a difficult time, write to me and I will be able to help you. Thank you

Personal number 5061


Ask me anything, you will find what you're looking for. I specialise in matters of the heart, but also the mind and of course the spirit

Personal number 0473


Hi! I'm Michelle. I'm specialist in love & Relationships. I'm willing to help you to achieve a new level on how to improve your self esteem, your confidence, your way to speak and attract someone's attention! Join me in this journey and you'll learn and earn everything you need. Waiting for you!

Personal number 3692