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Hi I'm Alexa & i have been Clairvoyant for 20 years. I see auras & can feel & hear spirits of those who have passed on, & can pass messages onto you, from them most times, as well as being able to give a reading which will make you feel uplifted & content. I give relationship & love readings too & ive helped my readers & clients find some happiness, clarity & some warmth & meaning. I will always give you the best reading I can! AlexaSapphire x


Listening to a multitude of issues and road blocks that people may face causes me to connect with their inner being and paint a picture of realization to help guide my clients to the visualization of their device destiny. I have spoke so many visions into existence that my clients appreciate the realness of the advice and support I give to guide them to the winning picture.


I have a very special intuition when it comes to what the future holds in the lives of others. I am especially intune with love and romance aspects of the future, but have given successful readings in all areas of people's lives.


I am a spiritual guide here to help you with anything you�??d like to know. I do tarot card readings as well as energy readings. I look forward to speaking with you.

Personal number 4005


My name is Maya and my family have practiced in the arts of divination for generations. I use many different techniques in order to discern what the Earth Mother holds in store for your personal destiny.

Personal number 6703


When I was around 17 years old I was at a friends house and as soon as I walked in the door I got some type of chill, which was normal to me so I didn't think anything of it. but it was just a feeling. I can't describe it and don't know if I ever will. I felt off. I asked her if anyone had died recently and she said yes my aunt and then proceeded to ask me how I knew that...it was creepy. I've always seen objects that seemed to be people out of my peripheral vision. It scares me but its my life

Personal number 9970


Personal number 2377


Hi I am a 3rd generation born psychic who has dedicated my life to helping people with my intuitive abilities. I have been giving readings to people all over the world professionally for 10 years but I have always been able to feel people's energy and hear information from their guides and angels. I am especially known for doing relationship readings and providing intuitive coaching for all life situations. If you need help, insight or clarity, I would love to connect with you. Peace !

Personal number 8662