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I grew up in large family who believes in light and love. I have always found myself to be very intune with the universe and I'm very confident in my intuition and the messages I receive through it. I have a passion for helping people find inner peace and acceptance with the universe and everything it has to offer. I enjoy Tarot and Oracle readings though I tend to lean towards Oracle. I also practice crystal healing and herbal remedies as well. Sending light and love to everyone!

Personal number 9914


Hello, my name is Ellie. I have been recently began my psychic practices but as an empath I have been guiding family and friends and strangers in need since childhood. I can used Lenormand cards to gain greater understanding during reading, however I feel commonly that a person's energy is all I need to help with questions.


A third Generation spiritualist. I specialize in many categories such as: Love, Career/money, Family, intimate life advice, Reiki healing Chakra balancing, lover's reunification My readings not only take the guesswork out of dating, but also provide you with detailed answers to serious questions! Never wonder what your partner is thinking again.

Personal number 8778


I knew that there was something different about my senses since I was a child. I was that quiet kid that kept to themselves and seemed as if they were lost in thought all of the time (I still am minus the kid.) I am clairvoyant and can taste the vibes of a situation to pick up readings. I believe that everyone has their own psychic abilities, but they need help tapping into what makes them special.


Personal number 1503


I know love and all its boundaries and permissions..you have to ready for me to guarantee your life with it..I've made many married couple and singles in aww for the journey I take them on.. very strong aura I feel in this category is my calling.

Personal number 6212


I experienced my first premonitive moment as a child. It began with feelings and seeing shadows before it developed into knowing what I couldn't explain. I have actively been helping people find their paths for a year now. Afterall what's better than knowing you can make a diffeence in someone's life

Personal number 1353


Hello! My name's Abby and I've been am eclectic witch for about six years! I love divination with my favorite methods being scrying and cartomancy! I'll be using tarot here! I specialize in single-card spreads, five-card spreads, past-present-future spreads, the horse-shoe spread, and celtic-cross spread. I'd love to help you with any question as best I can with my tarot cards!

Personal number 0520