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Hi Im Lauren. I have 15 years experience reading tarot and angel cards. I try where the cards allow to provide guided and positive readings that will hopefully help you take the right path. If you have a specific problem or question I will always endeavour to help and please ask questions freely. I am friendly and a good listener. Always here for you...

Personal number 1768


Hello, my name is Izzy. I love all people and I am very close to spiritual energies and the earth. I read tarot, dream interpretations and I am a clairsensient empath. Sometimes we feel lost in life and we just need some insight, that's what I'm here for. I would love to help you get some insight!

Personal number 2600


My name is Indigo- I have over 7 years of experience as a professional tarot reader. I have enjoyed reading for friends and associates, connecting with others through the art of tarot and intuitive compassion. I have been able to communicate helpful advice and accurate life path transformations in this way. I am a friendly and sentient individual who will always seek to give you an in depth reading with a positive & warm message no matter what the outcome to aid you with your personal queries.

Personal number


Personal number 9431


Hi My Name in arts is PsicheAle, i am a tarot reading native Italian, i can read the italian tarot for love question and future. I have been reading tarot cards for 20 years and with my cards I will be able to give you lost serenity. Speak Italian and English.

Personal number 7688


I have practiced my psychic ability since I was 10 years old. I can tell many things, but you will have to chat with me to find them out! I mostly just practice being able to help others through there life, love, and relationships. I can also help guide you spiritually.

Personal number 6469


I hold strong personal connections to the abilities Ed and Lorraine Warren possessed. I have had visions, outer body experiences, and interactions with the spiritual world around us. My area of expertise would be demonic entities, oppressions, possessions and the turmoil that those entites can entice on one life.

Personal number 7085


Hi and welcome, I am a psychic tarot reader with 33yrs experience. I first became aware off my gift when I was very young and was hearing and seeing people no one else could. I use the tarot to get a connection but I do NOT read them per se. I give honest non judgemental readings and not what you want to hear. I am a reiki master and am able to give healing if needed with your permission I look forward to connecting with you. Love and light to you all.

Personal number 9857