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I have been practicing for 10 years. I can help you solve any problems you have in your life. If you are feeling sad, depressed, upset or lost you can contact me. If you just need someone to talk to someone to help you, I am here.

Personal number 4000


I finished psychic for 15 years honed my skills from a master psychic for 8 years with a master psychic graduating as a life coach combining the two allows me not only tell you about your problems but also help you through them I specialize in love and relationships and reuniting lovers

Personal number 7970


I am Revan. I dispense truth to your hopes and desires. Let me look into your mind and reveal all that you need to know! Successfully in business for 10 years and counting. Helping solve humanity's woes amidst this extra dimensional world.


Hi I'm Alexa & i have been Clairvoyant for 20 years. I see auras & can feel & hear spirits of those who have passed on, & can pass messages onto you, from them most times, as well as being able to give a reading which will make you feel uplifted & content. I give relationship & love readings too & ive helped my readers & clients find some happiness, clarity & some warmth & meaning. I will always give you the best reading I can! AlexaSapphire x


Listening to a multitude of issues and road blocks that people may face causes me to connect with their inner being and paint a picture of realization to help guide my clients to the visualization of their device destiny. I have spoke so many visions into existence that my clients appreciate the realness of the advice and support I give to guide them to the winning picture.


I have a very special intuition when it comes to what the future holds in the lives of others. I am especially intune with love and romance aspects of the future, but have given successful readings in all areas of people's lives.


I am a spiritual guide here to help you with anything you�??d like to know. I do tarot card readings as well as energy readings. I look forward to speaking with you.

Personal number 4005


My name is Maya and my family have practiced in the arts of divination for generations. I use many different techniques in order to discern what the Earth Mother holds in store for your personal destiny.

Personal number 6703