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Hi love I'm Ravenbabe. I've been specializing in astrology for 8 years. I have individually studied every single zodiac sign and the unique links that they have to our sun, moon, and other planets. Let me tell you your destiny (;

Personal number 1045


Hi, I'm Princess Velvet. I'm a young woman that loves to talk and help people to feel better. As a result of some teenager troubles I had to visit some different psychologists that helped me to get better, stronger and to be the powerful woman I'm today. At the same time I got some skills to help others with my experience. I'm extremely sensitive and can understand any kind of situation to offer my help. I never judge anyone and never give up. I'ld like to help you.

Personal number 9048


I am an empath . I am compassionate and intuitive , as well as patient and a good listener. If you are looking for truth and clarity i am the right pick for you

Personal number 3548


A natural born medium and clairvoyant as well as a powerful, gifted spiritual healer. Originate from a background of healers and medium which led to me discovering, as a teen, that I was attuned to many divine beings.My readings are positive, energised, and concentrated on showing you in-depth information so I can help you move on your path with unconditional understanding and empathy for you as a human being. At the end of your reading, you will always feel re-balanced.


I have been practicing the art of tarot card reading for about 6 years. I'm also very good at reading people and I've had that gift since I was a child. I also have helped out many people with their loves and relationships. I would love to be able to help you and really good you a wonderful reading.

Personal number 0505


I have been collecting tarot cards since I was 12 and started studying them when I was 16! They have played a huge part of my life and I would like to share that with others now. I also love to interpret people's dreams - I have had a lot of success analyzing my own and the dreams of others so this is another gift I would like to share!

Personal number 3543


I am a god gifted psychic with over 10 years of experience I specialize in love, relationships, family, work or school + many more

Personal number 2125


Personal number 9788