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I am a single mother who since i was a child notice i was different and ike so much the outdoors .Then as i got older i started notice a gift that i had. In dreams and in faces that i would see and could define characteristics about them.

Personal number 5105


Hello My Lovelies! I'm here to help you heal from whatever ails you, and to provide you with answers and guidance. Being a Spiritual Empath, Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Reader and Past Life Coach, my life's purpose is to assist people on their journey towards self-discovery and ultimately a better life. People say that I have a soothing voice and an open mind.

Personal number 9802


(Over 10 years experience specializing in love and relationships) Growing up a clairvoyant and a small town in Maryland was always a struggle being a young woman and being able to understand someone's emotions and current problems they were facing always left people scares and distant fortunately enough my great grandmother Kate lead and guide me to develop my abilities and to help people professionally it's been my sworn vow to God to always help and protect people

Personal number 3868


Nobody really knows what love is. Let me teach you, guide you, and help you achieve it. I'm dedicated to creating a connection in order to give accurate advice and help you work your way through the unending maze of love.

Personal number 8294


Hi, I'm Nikki. Let my 15+ years of experience guide you on your path of love and all it's curiosities along the way. I have a gift for seeing things the way they are. I can give you educated advice based on my gift or can simply tell you what I foresee in your journey of love and relationships and in turn, hopefully give you enough insight to make healthy choices for yourself.

Personal number 6872


I'm psychic medium Jami. I had unexplainable experiences as a child. That led to learning about my gift at an early age. My sole purpose is using that gift to help individuals. Whether something from your past, in the present, or the future- I will provide the best help and most accurate readings.

Personal number 7478


I have been in practice for 2 years, I currently work full time at a tarot reading business. And I would love to provide me gift further I specialize in love and relationship, I have helped so many people.

Personal number 4644


Hi love I'm Ravenbabe. I've been specializing in astrology for 8 years. I have individually studied every single zodiac sign and the unique links that they have to our sun, moon, and other planets. Let me tell you your destiny (;

Personal number 1045