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Hi, I'm a certified tarot reader with gifts of psychic seeing, psychic hearing, and empathic abilities. I use my intuitive gifts along with the sacred knowledge of the tarot to give you the most accurate message. I have had my gifts since the age of 3, but found my love for tarot at the age of 16. I have read for many people around the world and I believe I can help you too. So if you are looking for an honest, no BS psychic tarot reading that will help you find utmost clarity, look no further.

Personal number 1769


I am a natural intuitive psychic reader and healer. I have clairsentient abilities and therefore am best able to advise on emotional matters such as love and relationships. I can provide guidance on your current situation and your future paths. I am able to use a golden light energy to help you heal negative emotions. Providing good quality readings to those in need is my greatest joy in life. I look forward to helping you.

Personal number 8122


Hello I'm LadyOracle I specialize in matter of the heart and also career and finance. I work hard to clarify what's going on in your world. Don't be afraid to hit the live request. To see where your quest is going.

Personal number 5653


The Name is Hathor, My name means goddess of love,I am more than a goddess but also a spirit that can talk to the love ones you miss and see everything you will possess in the future and also the things you will loose out your trust In me and I will show you what you are seeking for.

Personal number 3763


From a very young age I have been very intuitive, I always knew when the phone was going to ring and who was on the other end. I am an Empath as well. I specialise in Tarot, Angel Cards, Horoscopes, general psychic readings, love and relationships.

Personal number 8790


I've always been interested in the unknown and the paranormal as long as I can remember. Even as a young woman I remember seeing and talking to "spirits." The first time I picked up a deck of tarot cards they felt as natural in my hand as a cell phone does in most everyone else's these days. Doing a reading was as easy as taking a breath. Astrology has also always fascinated me and should not be taken lightly.

Personal number 0093


Welcome Lovies, Ready to embark on your spiritual journey? I have been reading cards and helping others on they're journey since I was young (10 years of experience) Come get all of the questions from your past, present and future life answered with my enchanted tarot and oracle cards. Chat with your animal and spirit guides and see what important messages they are trying to tell you. It is time to open up your mind, to heal, and move forward to a great spiritual awakening.

Personal number 6604


My path began when my mother got me started with her Tarot deck at the age of 11, I've been reading ever since and honing my intuition and clairsentient gifts. I'm excited that I'm able to use my gifts and skills to help others!

Personal number 2354