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Kind easy-going psychic. Energy is everything. I'm really fond of aura reading. The energy we put out affects the world and people around us. As mixing colors create a whole new color the same goes for energies. I'm also a gifted empath. I love astrology as though we are all stars in the galaxy of life.


Aloha from Hawaii! 8 years of studying Wicca, have worked w/ Tarot cards for 12 years & use them heavily w/ my readings. AA in Sociology w/ focus of sex, love, & relationships. A minor in Psychology, specifically, feminine/LGBTQ+ mental health. My approach is a mixture of ancient magik & modern phycological techniques to fulfill your aspirations that match your morals. They say "you can't love until you love yourself." for a reason. Working together to get you to the best you, you can be.


I never thought I would have this, and for years I wasn't sure if I enjoyed my abilities. I struggled with it but now I know I have been given these powers for good and must help others.


I am rather new to getting in touch with my spiritual side. However, I have always been aware of it. Feelings that I couldn't feel, hearing sounds that weren't there, I could never put my finger on why I could see or hear things others couldn't. It may be hard to understand why you are where you are now, but there is a reason, and you will see it.

Personal number 3423


I had "Imaginary Friends" as a young child and was in love with the Glorious Magic of the woods. I have not lost awareness of these Beings or fallen out of love. I am impassioned with my love of trees and in-depth study of Celtic Tree Wisdom. Shamanism, Wicca and the Green World have given me so much. Deep within me, my core, is Healer. I would love to share these energies and gifts with You. I do Color Readings, Celtic Tree Readings and Bach Flower Readings.


My name is CalliMae, I am a very friendly, fun, creative person. I am open to most ideas and topics and I'm kind of shy. I discovered my abilities about 12 years ago and have been helping people with it ever since. I am really good at what I do and would love to and would look forward to chating with you and helping you.

Personal number 1365


I specialize in Lithomancy: the reading of stones and Oneiromancy: dreams. I will first read your spirit so that I know I am in tune with you and then I will read your fortune. You may hear things that frighten or upset you but that is not my intent I simply speak what I am told.


Personal number 3939