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Hello and welcome. My love of tarot spans many years. I have been using this divination tool for the past 10 years, as well as my pendulum and psychic abilities. Tarot is a wonderful way to gain insight and guidence for those who require a little help along life's journey. I take pride in my readings, I am an understanding, none judgemental reader. Who understands, there are times when we hit a crossroads and need a little guidence. I also lend a confidential listening ear for those in need.

Personal number 1573


I've been helping friends and family with my sixth sense my whole life. I specialize in love and relationships because I have a gift for knowing what's ahead when it comes to romance. Let me guide you!

Personal number 7427


The philosophy behind my psychic work is to enable the client to accrue the perfect relationship, the perfect career, financial abundance and beautiful happiness using spirit. Qualifications gained: Qualified Healer and Light worker. Diploma: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma: Life Coaching Diploma: Relationship Counselling Diploma: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy University Degree: UK MMU

Personal number


My name is Case. I noticed my meticulous intuition very early on in my young life, but I did not do much it with, until just a few years ago. I bought a deck of Rider-Waite Tarot cards, then began studying the history of Tarot. I began helping people with insight in their career and life path. A year later I began the fastidious search for the perfect natural, rose quartz crystal ball, to help people with love, relationships, children, pets and healing. I found this was my strong suit.

Personal number 0978


I consider myself THE go to girl for all of your love and relationship issues. My empathetic psychic abilities in this area have been highly accurate from a young age. I also have limited abilities with contacting and reading loved ones that have passed on. I realized this ability in my early 20s when I lost both parentsand have been very helpful to many others seeking answers and validation.

Personal number 5017


I'm a dedicated wonderful and very positive woman I like to see the future in other's I can know what will happen to u in the future if u Just let me in to your circle I can reassure you that u will never regret meeting me because I am a lifesaver your life saver

Personal number 6410


I have a very in depth sense to what kind of person someone is by the sound of their voice, I receive the messages of their aura and the mind and soul tell me what your future will see. To see is to believe, and you will.

Personal number 3453


I am Ravi. I come from a long line of voodon psychics from West Africa. I do full natal chart readings, love compatibility and synastry charts, as well as Lilith interpretations and I offer advice from the interpretations and readings based on your alignment with the stars, planets and your houses. I give very in-depth readings because I dig down to the root of who you are. Would you like to know your deepest darkest secrets that the universe says about you?

Personal number 7795