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I am very in tune with myself and the world around me. I have a special connection to everything I come in contact with. I started reading the cards at the age of 6. I began crystal gazing shortly after that. In total I have been practicing for about 33 years.


I welcome you with kindness, honesty and understanding. I have no crystal ball but passed-down intuition that runs in my family (mother, great grandmother) that has allowed me to "See" what will happen to friends, family through impressions/feelings. I can tell when people aren't matched right--when it's time to let go, stay or keep looking. Life is too short and precious to be stuck in between "wondering". I will help you make the right decision with patience, love and the impressions I get.


I realized I was able to read people since I was a young woman. I always felt like I knew what everyone was thinking or feeling. I always felt like I knew how to help those in feeling lost. As I got older, I learned to develop those in need of help and those who are looking for answers. I can connect well to those who seek my help.


I prefer to discuss money finance , love and relationships , or career and past President and future during my readings. Am professional reader for over 15 years, i have a wealth of life experience that has my callers appreciate. I know that there is a light at the end of any tunnel that Iam more then happy to share with you In your situation and Iam here to empower each and every one of my callers to see that light too. My readings are honest and compassionate, simple and clear.


I am a highly gifted Tarot Reader whose sole purpose is to help you achieve your highest possible potential. I care deeply for my clients well being. My readings are done with unconditional understanding and empathy for you as a human being. I am a messenger of truth, always guided by the purest of spirit. My core purpose is to help you achieve a sense of your own spiritual freedom. Whether it is a relationship, marriage, love, family, career, and finance or life path issue.


I love being a psychic medium and helping people every day. To me, there's nothing better than connecting you with your loved ones on the other side, or sharing guidance from your spirit guides for assistance when you have specific questions about your path in life. I specialize in love and relationship guidance, tarot, past life transgression, divination, spell casting, dream interpretation and more. I ensure complete confidentiality with each reading.


I am astrologist, and I can tell you about your strengths, weaknesses, what is best for you to do career wise, how to develop yourself for a better communication with people, what type and sign of person would suit you better. I can't predict feature. I could help you the best if you know your date, place of birth (city and country) as well as time (hh:mm).


I discovered my abilities as a child. I could see, hear, and communicate with spirits as a clairvoyant, but the older I got the more my third eye awakened. Now, at 24, I have premonitions, can still communicate with spirits, and have developed short visions of the future. It can be a bit scary at times, but I adore helping others.