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My name is Psychic Daisy Ann and I have been helping people from all over the country for over 20 years. I am a love specialist and career counselor. I can help you with all matters of life. There is no problem to big or small. I am a clairvoyant and an empath. A 3rd generation intuitive. Let me help get you back to the happiness you deserve.

Personal number 3997


I am an experienced medium. I specialize in love, relationships, and bad omens. I do not deal with "magic cloths or potions" that focuses on promises that can not be kept. I am a spirit guide who can assist you in obtaining the things you desire most. If you believe you, or your family is cursed, I help you find the cause of this curse and guide you in the steps you must take to remove said curse. My methods are always to guide you to through methods that have been proven.

Personal number 1896


I know things. I always have. I like to share my gift with others, and help them to live their best life, full of love and happiness. I can help you with many different aspects of your life, from your personal love life to your job to your pets. Contact me today!

Personal number 2186


This is a gift I was born with to help many people over the years through every direction in life I love what I do and I'm a very spiritual Psychic advisor reveals all, love, money, finance, work, career, family and health. Answers all questions with clarity and honesty. I help you fulfill your destiny and reach all your life's goals Amazing answers and advice.

Personal number 9894


I specialize in love and relationships and am a natural healer. I use Oracle cards for my readings and love to help others on their journey to spirituality. Through me you can gain wisdom and insight on day to day issues.


I have been practicing for a lifetime! My sight started young when I would communicate with family in the void and has continued to grow and flourish as I have helped others with their questions about the Devine!

Personal number 5258



Hi, I'm brownie everything about me is natural, spiritual, and kind. My earthly skills runs completely off the earth and it's surroundings. I've been in practice for 10 years. I specialize in love, spiritual readings, and how to open up and let your natural being self take over to live a more prosperous life.

Personal number 7616