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once I start talking to a person my guide lead me on a path to give you the best info I can. I want to help you and better your future. my gift should be share with any and all who need it. I'm a loving caring person who loves to help and listen. my goal is to set you on the best life path and help you grow, learn, and heal anyway I can

Personal number 1891


Hello and thank you for choosing me. I have been doing readings for over 15 years! I have the ability to Reunite broken lovers, reveals ones true thoughts and intentions and I can also tell true names and dates. I can answer any questions you have in life! I do all types of readings such as tarot cards, palm readings, Crystal ball contact me today for a better tomorrow love and light

Personal number 2659


I was gifted my first pair of tarot cards at the age of 13, and have included them into my life since. About 2 years ago I begin practicing with my tarot cards daily, I knew this was something I was called to help others with whenever I would stray away from the Tarot cards, but either someone would search for me for a reading, or they would simply be presented in my life by divine timing, causing me to realize, this is my true passion.

Personal number 2611


I have been practicing psychic in New Orleans, Louisiana for 13 years now. I discovered my psychic powers from the young age of 8, when I had a premonition of fire. Just 3 months later our house burnt down, and I saw the same image as my premonition. From that moment on I knew my calling.

Personal number 1548


I am a mother of two with a deep connection to family, I love life and helping people, I often help people. Strangers talk to me all of the time out of nowhere wherever I am, I love it, I love to talk to all people from all walks of life. I love nature, water, animals, beautiful music, light, love , healing reiki all of the time touching people both psychically and in person

Personal number 8366


My name is Sibina. I have been helping people with relationships for over 20 years. I live in Cassadaga Florida which is a town full of clairvoyance and mediums. Helping people navigate difficult relationships is my specialty. I am happy to help with anything else but love and marriage is where I truly shine

Personal number 9251


Hello Darlin, my name is Enchantress Celeste! For 5 years I have practiced receiving and giving forth messages from our universe and stars. I give insight to shed light on the different pathways and outcomes your spirit guides wish to show you. I've spent much of my time travelling and waiting patiently in public, simply for the chance to give a needed loving message in random passing encounters. I am only a text away from an oportunity to see your world in the light you desire and deserve :)

Personal number 9595


I've known I was different since I was a young girl. Like my three Aunties, I have been gifted with extensive empathic abilities. My specialism is Zodiac and Astrology and am learning to read Tarot cards. I can help you discover why you may be feeling certain ways which may be due to the alignment of the planets, time of year and certain life choices.