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Hi, I'm brownie everything about me is natural, spiritual, and kind. My earthly skills runs completely off the earth and it's surroundings. I've been in practice for 10 years. I specialize in love, spiritual readings, and how to open up and let your natural being self take over to live a more prosperous life.

Personal number 7616


When I was younger, I was afraid of my gifts, I didn't know what they meant. I Would try to hide myself from the world. I always told myself, if I only change one life all the sacrifices would be worth it. In that time I have changed the lives of many. I look forward to growing, so I can change many more. I still recieve thank you's, from many that I have helped. It brings me great joy. I will continue to help those in need. I will continue to use my gifts to change lives for the better.

Personal number 3458


I am a natural intuitive and realised this as a child. I can guide you to make the best choices for yourself and live your best life.


I'm a born natural witch. I use the energy of nature and the divine spirit to heal and empower. I have been practicing for about 10 years. I discovered my abilities when I started seeing visions and feeling people energy's that were around me. I ran into a old friend and she told me I was a natural witch and we started trying to do spells together. I only do positive things no black magic or vodoo no harm unto to others.

Personal number 4291


I have always been a person who everyone has come to talk to get advice and feedback. I am a great listener. I learned that I have the ability to give great advice when I was a teenager, on a different level than others. Call it what it is, psychic ability or just a great active listener who cares and will give you honest feed back.

Personal number 2108


A beacon of light in the darkest nights of the soul; to show you the way to your true home. To the land of love beyond the rivers of suffering which you wish to leave behind. Get the clue and have a finger pointed at your destination. Be found and find your way home to the love desire.

Personal number 5170


My family traces our witchcraft back to the Goody Witches in the Appalachian mountains. I read tarot charged with the ashes of the witches before me. I feel prescience before it crosses my door and look to help you answer what you seek.

Personal number 2023


I,m a Intuitive Tarot Reader who is empathetic and a great listener. I use my gift to help you find clarity on your current journey in life. Life situations are ever changing and sometimes you need a little guidance and support through the process. Love and Light

Personal number 1080