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I found out that I was gifted when I was a small child. My grandma passed away before I was born but I was always able to hear her voice throughout my childhood. Now, when I meet people some of their loved ones who have passed away come to talk to me.

Personal number 7574


Greetings! My Name is Niccki I'm an intuitive Gypsy card reading! I've been a reader for over 10 years.

Personal number 5790


I am a spiritual intuitve who seeks only to help and serve my community. I offer psychic spiritual readings, Tarot readings and can help you to come in to your own natural psychic potential.

Personal number 6934


I've been doing readings for the past ten years now, but I've had this gift since I was a child. I trust my spirit guides to deliver me messages from loved ones that have passed. My guides also give me information so that my client can make decisions about love and relationships.

Personal number


Hi, I was known to practice Tarot from a little girl, and I am a Libran known to be very fair and very honest; It is also a hidden talent that i am psychic predicting the future even of total strangers. Because of this gift, i can also heal, guide the spirits towards your hearts desires and cast spells against your enemies. I can guarantee the return of a lost love and help channel messages from the dearly departed. I may also read horoscopes and your Angel cards. Bless you.

Personal number 7646


I've always been very in tune to those around me and their desires as well as personal charms in the relationship/love aspect. I'd love to help you get the closer and help you truly deserve.

Personal number 5922


Personal number 7643


Welcome, I am Miss Luna and I am a certified Tarot reader and fifth generation Medium with 15 years professional experience. I use tarot cards, oracle cards, a pendulum and I hear the whispering of the spirits in combination to bring you clarity. My readings provide an objective perspective to your situation allowing you maximum clarity to make the best decision for your life path.

Personal number 9735