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Hey my name is Lilthicmama soon to be your favorite psychic. I specialize in Love & Relationships but I can help you in all areas of life. Choose on and click on my name and connect with me as soon as possible you will not be disappointed!

Personal number 4335


I am a 3rd generation prophetess,clairvoyant born with a caul on a July night in the French Quarter of New Orleans,Louisiana. I am the 3rd child in three generations to have My gammy was a local folk hero for her work as a healer and medium in the South who was well known for helping find missing women with her gift. I matured in my gift at her knee, b4 leaving to fulfill my calling as a faith healer in Africa & South America. My gift is powerful, and burns in me like fire shut up in my bones...


I first noticed I had psychic abilities when I was about 16 years old and my best friend had been missing for 2 weeks. One night she came to me and told me she was alright and will be home tomorrow. I ran and told her mom not to worry that she will be home. The very next day she can returned home unharmed. I've been practicing for 7 years now specializing in astrology, love and relationships, and also spirit guides.

Personal number 3625


Im 26 years old, I've had these abilities since I was 14. Actually, longer than that, that's just when I decided to own it. I am great with relarionships, love or the lack of is what comes to me to strongest.

Personal number 6135


I am an experienced tarot reader, clairvoyant who specializes in past life releases, future predications, relationships, career, general reads, advice, photo & point of view readings. As an intuitive reader, as I lay down each tarot card I am able to quickly channel answers to questions as visions appear to me. If you are feeling lost or just need some direction or clarity don't hesitate to contact me.

Personal number 4738


I have always been able to see what other can not. I have always had visions since I was a child. I enjoy helping others. I specialize mostly in relationships. However I call it as it is and most dont listen to my warnings.

Personal number 7575


15 years of experience. I will help you in Love, Money, Work..... Helped so many people. If you want a change, I have your solution.

Personal number 6199


I'm A Counselor To Help With Love / Relationships Or Mental/Physical Health. I Have 3 years of experience Working With Children between ages 3 &up And Adults. You Wont Regret Setting Up An Appointment With Me. You Will Love It,Be Yourself

Personal number 6130