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Hi! I'm very intuitive and in sync with different nuances of the universe. I can help you with relationship, spirit, and personal questions you may have. I will be your personal guide. Let me help you reach a higher understanding.

Personal number 6662


I specialize in love and relationships relating to the Astrology Zodiac Signs. Also with career and life style. I provide adequate advice for your specific zodiac. Ask me any and everything. Is he cheating? Will you get that promotion? Best career path?

Personal number 1459


I knew I had a special calling from a very young age. I seemed to "remember" things - things that had not yet happened. I passed along messages to my grandmother from her father, who passed away before I was born. My strengths will help strengthen YOU. I am bound by truth to share my gifts with others.

Personal number 0908


I am an experience tarot and angel card reader for over sixteen years specialising in love relationship career and money. connect with me for a one to one personal private reading for guidance and clarity love and light always xx


Does he/she love me? Will he/she return? I can give you the answers. Let me help you on your journey to understand if your relationship will work out and if he is the one for you. I have assisted many people with their personal lives and look forward to doing the same for you. I connect to your Spirit Guides. They pass me visions of your past, present and future. I will provide you with an empowering reading that gives you the answers.

Personal number 1164


Hi my name is amilea i've had this gift my entire life but I have been professionally giving readings since 10 years I am a kind honest nonjudgmental psychic and spiritual coach I specialize in all matters of life and can help clear up any confusion you may be going through I offer many different types of readings and cleansings . I do not sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. I am a honest psychic and will only tell you what I see.

Personal number 2867


Im Circe (named after a Greek goddess of magic) - a straight talking psychic reader/healer and problem solver. Ask me a direct question and my knowing clicks into action with vengeance, and I guide you through the situation using my unique skills that is if you are willing to let it go. A testimonial. Thank you for being the most beautiful BEing to life's nettles. Thank you for being my magic dock to life's nettles.


I specialize in Psychic,Tarot card, and Palm readings also chakra balancing and spiritual healing and cleansing. My readings are 100% accurate I tell past present and future I will answer all and any questions. But I will not answer legal questions