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Hi there I am Lady Mogwa, I have been doing Tarot readings for 23 years. I was taught the art of Tarot by a true Romany Gypsy who was a friend of my mum's. I am also a Certified Clairvoyant and Psychic and will be able to give you messages from loved one's who have passed on or messages from your Angels and Spirit Guide. I specialise in Love and Relationships.

Personal number 6263


Natural born psychic reading for over 25 years. Empathic and clairvoyant specializes in love and relationships career and family issue. Master tarot reader tells past present and future. No problem is to big or small for me to see I can advise on all life's difficulties.

Personal number 8064


Hi Im Lauren. I have 15 years experience giving personal readings. I try where the spirits allow to provide guided and positive readings that will hopefully help you take the right path. If you have a specific problem or question I will always endeavour to help and please ask questions freely. Always here for you.

Personal number 1366


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Personal number 2813


I was born with my abilities I learned at a young age that I could connect with others on a spiritual level I have been reading professionally for nineteen years My readings are accurate I give insight direction and guidance in all aspects I answer questions I cover every aspect of life I hope to provide guidance and insight they may not have but need in your situation I hope to uplift your mind spirt and soul I specialize in love marriage career Business confusion Etc

Personal number 7211


As a psychic reader, I have dedicated my life to helping others find their true path in life, and create and maintain productive relationships. Navigating life can be difficult without spiritual guidance. I use tarot and oracle to provide others with guidance to discover their inner feelings and desires. Helping others improve the relationships in their life and make the right decisions to improve their life is my true calling.

Personal number 8378


I have been practicing since I was a child. I have always seen and sensed spirits around me and others. Be it on the phone with a client or in a photo that's provided. I offer advice on spiritual cleansing as well. I also interpret dreams as well as read Tarot.

Personal number 7700


I'm a experienced psychic/clairvoyant for many years. my readings are positive, beneficial and life changing! I am a master love and relationship expert and also help in guiding you through circumstance in your life that need guidance or clarity I can see past, present, future I can reunite lost love help with anxiety, depression or answer questions that's bin on your mind. I work with many different tools but my mane source is intuition and experience my readings are honest and straight forward

Personal number 0857