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I quickly connect with the guides I have and use my gifts alongside their clear answers to expose the truth that one carries, the direction things will go, and the best option to take. I am direct in my readings and will tell you what is laid out clearly in front of me, no stories or fairy tales about you, so please be open and prepared for answers. , I am a compassionate, nonjudgmental reader and have been using my gifts for years to help people from all over the world and beyond

Personal number 4396


I specialise in relationships. With over 4 years experience, I am the go to for many of my friends and family who need guidance in romantic relationships, friendships, relationships with family etc. My aim is to give you the clarity you need to overcome any situation you are facing by being very honest and as transparent as possible.

Personal number 1690


Personal number 5650


I am a born psychic medium and healer. I work all over the world. I can help you with all your questions!! Wanna be happy? Wanna have clarity? Come to me. I have the tools and gifts to make ur life great again!


Hi and welcome to my page. My name is Amber and I'm a natural psychic/medium. I am very in tune with my ability and I hope that me and you can connect, so that I can help connect with you and your future and speak with your spirit guides and spirit who are with you.


Personal number 4999


Im a 49 year old mum and Grandmother with a lifetimes worth of experience. I have been practicing my mediumship for as long as i can remember ( i was born with this gift ) and since having my youngest daughter ( who is now 17 ) i have been practicing my gift online , for friends , in parties and in one to one sittings.I will always give your reading with love and honesty and feel privileged to be able to do so .

Personal number 3716


I'm a relationship expert. Dealing with twin flame relationships and soulmates. I also help with career and life purpose. I'm straightforward and will tell you exactly how I see it. With the help of my spirit guides I'm able to connect and guide you. I'm here for you. Having this gift passed down through my maternity line. I'm blessed to help you in your journey. Don'?t hesitate to contact me to ease your mind. Sending love! Hope to hear from you.

Personal number 2728