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Hello My name is MissMiley and I specialize in many things. Call me to get your love life in order, spiritual healing, or astrologic advice. I have been practicing for over 10 years.


Hello beautiful soul my name is Jennifer and I welcome you to join me in seeking clarity into your personal questions. I connect directly to source to bring you the highest vibrational information so you can gain clarity to make informed choices on your current path to happiness. I use the tarot to identify any blockage, hurdles or obstacles so you can clear them with confidence. It is an honour to join you on your journey and I look forward to connecting with you.


About ten years ago I laid my hands on a set of faery tarot cards and my life has never been the same. These cards have allowed me to help others find the answers they're looking for - what's in the future, what decision should I make, what am I doing wrong... I am not the kind of psychic that can tell you for certain that you will marry Bob and have five children. I work with your spirit/soul/mind - not Bob's. I also excel at answering the questions you didn't know you had.


I have worked as a psychic over 25 years. My readings are accurate, caring and above all, give the client hope and tools for creating the life they want. I use Tarot, Spirit guides, of A Course in Miracles & other spiritual practices to not only give you an accurate reading of where you're at now, but tools to manifest joy, love, abundance and peace! I combine my reading with not only giving the client a clear reading, but equipping them with hands-in tools that are life-changing.


I give advice on love and relationships. I am a nice down to earth person and my specialty is love and relationships, I am here for you.


I Specialize in Tarot Cards and have been practicing nfor many years. I Specialize in past, present and future readings. I can give you the answers to your questions and future using my knowledge of Tarot Cards.


Ever since I was a young girl I knew I carried a gift and a desire to heal For a long time I lived in denial about my gifts until the universe opened my eyes and showed me how to use my abilities to help those who need me Through me I can help guide you to manifest the life you desire. The universe will speak to you through me With love and light I am here to mend your wings so you can fly again


Hello, we are in the medium family from father to daughter, at least my father inherited the gift from my great grandmother. I can communicate with the deceased via a simultaneous recording session.