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Personal number 0321


have you been feeling lost, confused, hopeless, overwhelmed by life's challenging obstacles, unsure where you're life's path is heading? i bring light and clarity to those who are struggling to overcome these stressful situations by tapping into my clairvoyance and looking into your future to lead you onto making the right decisions. i am compassionate and understanding, you will feel welcomed and relieved by contacting me today for a better tomorrow. love and light, psychichealer

Personal number 6158


Personal number 1396


Im here to bring positivity and happiness. Light in the darkness. Help me, help you. I am fun and loving.

Personal number 8892


I am 36 yrs 3rd generation psychic, I am an empath, I read orcale/Tarot cards,use Pendulum,aura reader, Telepathic, medium, also I have 7 of the 8 Clairs: Clairsentience(clear physical feeling) Clairtangency(clear touching) Clairsalience(clear smelling) Clairvoyance(clear seeing) Claircognizance(clear knowing) Clairaudience(clear hearing) Clairempathy(clearemotional feeling)


Hi my name is Lotus, I'm a gifted reader with years of experience specializing in all aspects of life I'm here to guide and advise my clients regarding any and all subjects at hand I'm here to help shed light on any puzzling situation you may be going through any and all questions are welcomed thank you


Personal number 7013


I am an intuitive psychic advisor. My gifts include honest life readings and direct answers to your questions. No issue is too small or big for me to assist you with. I enjoy helping people to discover their ultimate potential.

Personal number 5863