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Hi I'm jolene and I am gifted with ability to speak to loved ones who is waiting to pass on a message for you . I have had this ability since I was a young woman and never been wrong yet. I want to help your loved ones guide you on the right path in life. Why don't you give me a call today.


I have been practicing psychic abilities all my life.i discovered that I have psychic abilities as long as I can remember in my teenage years.im romantic and sexy.i love astrology & zodiac signs.i read a lot.



I am very good with giving advice about really anything but o am strong with uplifting others and helping with relationships and love . great listener and open to talk about anything feel free !


I always knew I had special abilities, I just never knew how to tap into them until I picked up tarot cards. Since then, I use them for everything - especially big decisions, and I greatly enjoy helping others as well.


My mission is to bring forth news and setting dreams to a reality. I am a intuitive reader here to help anyone on their spiritual journey. Love and light



I quickly connect with the guides I have and use my gifts alongside their clear answers to expose the truth that one carries, the direction things will go, and the best option to take. I am direct in my readings and will tell you what is laid out clearly in front of me, no stories or fairy tales about you, so please be open and prepared for answers. , I am a compassionate, nonjudgmental reader and have been using my gifts for years to help people from all over the world and beyond