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Hello and welcome. My love of tarot spans many years. I have been using this divination tool for the past 10 years, as well as my pendulum and psychic abilities. Tarot is a wonderful way to gain insight and guidence for those who require a little help along life's journey. I take pride in my readings, I am an understanding, none judgemental reader. Who understands, there are times when we hit a crossroads and need a little guidence. I also lend a confidential listening ear for those in need.


Are you having love and relationship problems? You wondering whether the problem is you ? And you are sick and tired of being lonely and not having someone to talk to or get advice about love, relationships and life from...call me thee Goddess I am here to be that listening ear when no one is listening. I am here to help you heal genuinely, I am your psychic even when you just want to talk about things that make your heart feel heavy. I am here to help you offload.

Personal number 4641


I read tarot cards, I have been for a few years so I'm still kinda new. Im honest and when reading i will tell you exactly what the cards day. I also practice energy healing

Personal number 2147


Ive had psychic abilities since I was a young child. I'm very intuitive and I'm also practicing astrology. Our life and life paths are very well written in the stars.

Personal number 0459


I've always known I was psychic ever since a very young age, the more I delved into expressing myself and opening up the more I discovered and the stronger my abilities become. Whether you need life guidance, healing, future readings or tarots I am your girl.

Personal number 9765


I have been using my gift to read tarot for quite some time now. I use the seven card spread and with the help of my spirit guides I will not only will I look into your past, I will also tap into your current energies as well as give an insight into your future. I specialise in Love readings but can also offer advice on healing and spiritual matters. If contacting me for an email reading then please send me your Name and Date of Birth in the request.


I am a empath in true nature. I have the ability to connect to people on true feelings love and relationships of all kinds. I use raw and honest energy. I use true questions to uncover true pathways. Help in each circumstance. Destiny is your hands. I will show you, your true way.

Personal number 4283


I have many years of experience helping those close to me and clients who I have grown to know dearly. I give many readings each week and very much enjoy what I do. Some of the areas I have experience in are: Breakup and Divorce Numerology Dream Analysis Chinese Astrology & Horoscopes . Spiritual Readings Dating Advice Psychic Readings

Personal number 1727