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Have been providing psychic readings for 5 years now. I noticed I had abilities since a young age, I had the king's ability to tell when someone was in pain or when someone has passed. I also have the intense ability to speak to Spirit guides. In my years doing this I have helped guide any people to their ultimate fate and success.


Want to know what the future holds? Ask and I can do a reading tailored just for you. The Tarot cards are waiting to speak to you.


I was born into a psychic family so I knew from an early age that I could help people with my abilities. I mainly use my spirit guides to help me but can also read cards (Angel and Tarot). I am also a healer and have done a lot of work on healing


I can guide you through all your relationship problems. You can talk to me about anything and there will never be any judgement on my part


Katelin is an accomplished clairvoyant and clairaudient with an angelic energy. She instantly eases any fears or nervousness that you may have. Her specialty is to let you know how someone is feeling about you, deliver details and time lines on what is to come. Reading professionally for over 10 years, she naturally uses her intuitive and empathic abilities to hone in on the past, present, and future. Katelin does not do general readings and will need names of all parties involved.


One-on-one body, mind spirit brings you the resolution in the relationship, personal, career, finance Channeling/Mediumship: Ability to act as a medium to bring messages through to benefit you in terms of closure, communication, or insight on personal issues. Remote Viewing: Literally being a psychic detective, see for a client a love match, job opportunity Life coaching: A larger umbrella seeing into all aspects of life, that aid you in gaining perspective & advantage wherever your concern.


I'm a very open minded, honest and caring person and I try to empower you to help connect with your guides and assist you with obtaining the things you desire. Please know that the reading will focus on behaviors that will improve your well being and is not just answers to your questions. Understand that spirit doesn't work that way, your guides or entities surrounding you want the best for you and will provide you with the right information to obtain those goals.


My goal is to show you how powerful you are. I want you to be able to see the good even when you feel that everything is going back. Let me help you. Let me inspire you.