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Hello I have been in touch with my spiritual side for many years. I believe in the power of spiritual healing. Feeling down or have low self worth call me together we are strong. I can guide you to tranquility. If you just want to talk or need guidance i am here for you.

Personal number 2060


Looking for somebody to help guide you love life? Well you're in the right place! I've been a psychic for about 5 years now and I love helping people get through difficult times in their life. I'm always here to bring a positive energy in your life and to make you happy.


My name is Poppy and & I'm excited to use my gifts to help you advance in life life and relationships, especially those with your most intimate partners.


From the moment we greet each other I am trying to connect with your energy. I find that most people prefer the tarot so I automatically add this source with my natural ability to make the most of the answer you are seeking. Sometimes the answer is simple and you may already know it. I never give my personal advice so, if it sounds as though I am doing this, just know that readings do not always off some deep epiphany. Often times the answer or advisement is right in front of you.

Personal number 2770


Hey guy's! How are ya'll ya'll? I'f you'r in the mood for a reading then definitley give me a holla!I recentley realized people feel a sense of comfort and happiness when in my precence or simply communicating through messages. It's definitley a blessing to be able to share it with you guy's. wanna learn more about your future love life? Don't be shy I don't bite to hard! haha

Personal number 2165


Walking through the store and seeing loved ones that have passed away standing next to a woman who was in front of me in line He saw me looking at him and asked you can see me I laughed and said yes of course The lady turned and saw I was talking to someone and it kind of scared her She asked who I was talking to and I said the man with the funny glasses .She knew I was talking about her husband who passed away a few years prior. Sense then I have helped many people connect with loved ones.


I have been practicing for over 4 years now, and have grown my abilities to be more than sub-par. I have more than 1 deck to choose from, and have yet to give an incorrect reading.

Personal number 8474


I have had a knack for being a medium ever since I was a kid. I was always able to know things before they have happened, it led to a lot of bullying growing up. Now I am realizing that it is something that can help others and make people's lives better. I have done tarot readings and have performed many different rituals. I'm not one of the mumbo jumbo rip offs you find that just lie and lie. I honestly and wanting to help you and better other people and make them happier.

Personal number 0145