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I am a grey witch, who has found her calling in Tarot readings, and my all time favorite, Pendulum readings! I enjoy plants, crystals, and all things candles. My readings will leave you feeling light as a feather and far wiser than you were before


Hello all I'm Destineecee I have over 10 years experience communication with the future, and the reading of all energies and spirits. I look forward to helping all in need of help. I will be available a smiling face friendly conversation and a friend. Thanks


I have been chatting to Spirit since I was a child. People ask me what my abilities are... well, I'm clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient... in fact all the senses! You could say I love being a free spirit, working multi-dimensional. I tap into Source, into the universe and spirit guides, who can help you heal both emotionally and physically. They give divine guidance for you and the next steps for you to heal or understand if you are in a relationship which is connected with the soul.


Gifted spirit guide. Specializing in dream interpretation , western astrology, eastern astrology and numerology.


I have a natural born gift. I'm able to provide spiritual support and guidance. I'm a strong communicator. Im a advocate for everyone that's looking for advice and answers. I'm always open to listen and provide you with truthful and honest feedback. I'm my family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers reader. I have a passion for helping others.


Hi my name is key. I can unlock anything and fix it. I've been doing this for 5 years now. And I love it and enjoy it. I'm hear to help you with any problems or anything that you would to talk about. I listen very while andy clients love me because I make them feel like family and loved. Open 24-7 don't wait to get your answer call now and get you answers today


Seasoned empath, intuitive guide. Highly effective communicator, a good judge of character.covering areas of relationships, family, career, dream interpretation & spiritual development. Giving my clients clarity. 20 x years of professional service, specializing Trial Consulting. Also, Let's Follow Your Dreams ,what are your dreams telling you? Message me your dreams, I will do an analysis of what your dreams are telling you. Look forward to our journey together.


Hi I'm Muriel,I am a natural born psychic. I am a warm sympathetic person who has empathy for people I am not judgmental whatsoever as I have had plenty of ups & downs myself . I was told from an early age I had a gift.I am grateful that I can help people in there lives and will do my best for them I do read cards and psychic vibes come naturally to me as I feel blessed and just want to help people as this is what I feel I've been chosen for . just trust and believe Muriel xxx