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I was blessed with the gift of communicating and entertainment. Im able to read a person by just a conversation. I am very funny, chill know how to take u away from all ur stress just by talking to you.

Personal number 2212


I have been practicing psychic readings since I was about 18. I am 31 now. I am very gifted when it comes to past and present. I first discovered i was psychic when I would give readings to people just for hobby. I was so amazed when they told me how accurate i was! I am a detailed reader. I read very easily with pictures from my customers. I have gave hints about missing persons in a psychic group. I am very confident that i will be able to tell you what you need to know. Not just want to hear

Personal number 7900


Hi this is Psychic Grace Im a spiritualist Energy Reader I can Help you Through all Matters of life with. Love career guidance advice family any Obstacles Standing in your Way I can see what your true Path way is For a better tomorrow I specialize in tarot readings psychic readings palm Readings Lovers readings chakra Energy balancing. Feel the need to call or message me you wont be disappointed Thank you.


I have always been able to connect with the dead and through the years I've learned to speak to them and speak for them to loved ones , I also am a psychic medium and empath and I have helped many people find what they are looking for I love doing this and helping people !! I have been blessed with gifts to use to create a better understanding to those who seek it !!


I am a Fortune Teller; you have questions and I'll give you solid answers using ancient methods of European cartomancy with the Tarot de Marseille. Because of this, my interpretation of the meanings of the cards and the way I read them will be different than what you're used to from other readers. I don't spin fairy tales, I tell you what is: the good, the bad, the shiny and the ugly, so I'm definitely not everybody's cup of tea, but if you want honesty and clarity, I'm the reader for you.


I specialize in all troubling areas of life. I can look into your love life and what's to come. Your current relationship and what's happening around it. Your career path and financial opportunities. Your past and how to correct your debts. Your future and where it is headed. Your family and what's best for them. I provide personal growth advice and guidance. I have 18 years of experience.

Personal number 2842


I specialise in intuitive tarot reading and can tap into any area of your life with cards, crystals and energy. I also give general readings offering the truth of what I see in a compassionate manna. I've been a reader for nearly 15 years and enjoy what I do. Connect with me if you'd like an informative reading.


Honest Reader Only, I Do Not Sugar Coat Be Ready For The Truth The Good And The Bad I do advise my clients to be relaxed calm and in a quite surrounding being this is a Spirituality & Religion, my spiritual guides and angels pick up on your energies and vibrations. More of my client is in a calm state and quite atmosphere,More will be revealed and a much stronger spiritual connection with my spirit guides to my clients.

Personal number 7176