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Hey it's Ivy here I specialize in astrology readings and I can tell a lot by when you were born and by the lines on your hands. I've been doing charts on people for the last 5 years and I have never met a client that was unhappy even after several years.

Personal number 8262


I am very spiritual and rely on my intuition to see the inner truth that others overlook often in their lives. I often give tarot and angel readings professionally with great success. My goal is to help and heal hearts and souls that struggle in romantic relationships. Our hearts often override our minds it's ok to seek guidance when making those big leaps of faith.

Personal number 1895


I am an excellent listener who can be your friend who can offer you the professional advice and be your voice of reason when you're in that chaotic headspace. I am a massive animal lover who is always here to give you advice or to just be there if you need someone to talk to. I have been through a lot of my own personal trauma in regards to mental health and relationships so I know what I'm talking about.

Personal number 6666


am only here to help the broken heartedthe lost living or passed Im in tune to spiritual guidance that lives around me day in al day I been this way since I can ever remember. I help those for future needs guidance past help to being to lite. Passed on spirits that are wanting to talk to loved ones still here. And careers money live life anything! I'm here! I have helped police find 33 missing kids and teenagers. In 14 years. I don't use machines as I am the only real machine needed.

Personal number 9980


Hi all i have been a naturally gifted medium all my life I have been doing readings for the past couple of years I do them In English and German I have had some exelent feed back from. Previous and returning customers I try to do my best in describing everything as clear as possible and try and help people find the answers there looking for.

Personal number 0412


I have been gifted with clairaudience since I was very young. I hear voices of the departed and they guide me to help others. I am a messenger. I also have prophetic dreams and dabble with tarot cards.

Personal number 7589


"This is test operator. Please do not connect and choose another operator to chat. Thanks". "This is test operator. Please do not connect and choose another operator to chat. Thanks".

Personal number 1281


I have been practicing spiritual readings for many years. I am not a believer in lies i believe in truth energy and peace I am going to tell you from a point of view that will be easily adjusted to I will only give you the truth and guidance to beginning a new lifeb vibrating on a higher frequency a brighter you a better you awaits.

Personal number 8971