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Hey, I'm neonyellowheart! I'm a Spiritual Advisor and Divination Specialist who offers honest, empowering and motivating guidance for all who God guide my way. Experience Intuitively Unique Spiritual Guidance; reading services specially designed by assessing what methods, routes, techniques and tools I feel may accentuate & enhance your bespoke, one of a kind experience - always in alignment with your individual, energetic identity. I look forward to chatting and connecting with you!

Personal number 0247


Hello My Name is Miledys & My psychic gift is something I've had for over 10 years.I can help determine the best path in your life to choose. I am able to see past a relationship & love that you are not able to see.I study Tarot for over 10 years . I am able to speak to our spiritual world in another way that no one has ever spoken to. Let me be here for you let me help you let me guide you.

Personal number 7276


Hi I am Amanda I have a gifted and have been gifted Psychic over 30 plus years!!! I am fast accurate and honest!!! If you wanting to know how she/he feels about you, Contact time or there cheating place feel free to contact you will be simply amazed and won't regret it!!! I am looking forward in doing a accurate reading with you to help you with what ever you are needing reading on today!!!

Personal number 7332


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Personal number 6590


As a girl I have realised, that not all of us can feel the energy and understand things with no words, like I do. Later on, being a young woman, I have realised that this is a gift. First contact with Rider's Waite Tarot realised me, that here is the story of human's journey, described and clear as standing in a daylight. This is how I started to read Tarot cards. The cards are speaking to me for 22 years. Tarot is not the future telling, but I will explain you the paths of Tarot shown to you.

Personal number 9450


Hi, since I was a little girl I knew I possessed a gift, the gift to see into another world and have visions about the future. My friends and family always come to me before jumping into a big decision for my psychic advice. You will have the best of my advice as my customer.

Personal number 2527


Hi I am a magician and I am here ready to saddisfy every yours couriosity, do you want to know tarot? something about youe angel? or do you want to know your guide spirit ?? HERE i AM ... i AM YOUR PERSONAL CLAIROVOYANTS... I want to let you know your guide spirit and referr everything he suggest for you, I know your angel and already know wht he want you do for him....stay calm and relax yourself , see me and leave yourself in my hand but above all LOVE

Personal number 4552


The divine feminine. Trauma survivor. Empath. Relationships and guidance. Mental health support. Specializing in narc abuse/emotional abuse/trauma bonds and self esteem.

Personal number 2087