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I was born with my abilities I learned at a young age that I could connect with others on a spiritual level I have been reading professionally for nineteen years My readings are accurate I give insight direction and guidance in all aspects I answer questions I cover every aspect of life I hope to provide guidance and insight they may not have but need in your situation I hope to uplift your mind spirt and soul I specialize in love marriage career Business confusion Etc

Personal number 7211


I have been a spiritualist medium for over 30 years I give guidance to people that need it. I believe that people should always try to think positive even if they live in a negative world I feel that you can manifest anything within your life if you just have patience and self belief.

Personal number 0886


Hi there thank you for taking the time to view my profile I first knew I was psychic as a child I knew something would happen before it did and unfortunately I predicted my moms and uncles sad death ive continued to help people along the way giving relationship and financial advice I specialise in many areas and I look forward to hearing from you

Personal number 1453


My name is Olivia lux and I am an experienced highly accurate medium / clairvoyant. I have over 13 years of experience and the reading you will get will be straight forward and honest. I specialize in tarot readings pendulums love and relationships and Spirit guides as well as astrology.

Personal number 8004


My Mother was very Psychic and I inherited my qualities from her. As a child I would often foresee events ahead of time. I later started to channel my abilities through the Tarot cards and studying Astrology. For the last 10 years I have been able to help people with various issues especially with love and inspirational ideas.

Personal number 7532


I'm here for you to help. My reading style is friendly, professional and accurate. I use tarot, runes, numerology, dice, (the bones,) zodiac forecasting and logarithms, (for timing down to the minute.) I analyze dreams too. I find that focusing life forces on the positive, raises aura frequencies and promotes lightness of being even in the darkest, most difficult circumstances. Harnessing free will and raising awareness of higher dimensions promotes the strongest form of self healing.

Personal number 6910


Are you having love and relationship problems? You wondering whether the problem is you ? And you are sick and tired of being lonely and not having someone to talk to or get advice about love, relationships and life from...call me thee Goddess I am here to be that listening ear when no one is listening. I am here to help you heal genuinely, I am your psychic even when you just want to talk about things that make your heart feel heavy. I am here to help you offload.

Personal number 0364


Hello, I am advisor William, I am a expert in my field. I have read for many cliants over my years and I enjoy when I am blessed to connect with a soul in need. I have been a advisor for 25 years, I I specialize in love, career, and life paths. I am a friendly, but very straight forward and honest reader, I am waiting to help guide you threw your times of need! Call me today for a brighter tomorrow.

Personal number 0151