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Hello there. I have over 6 years experience in the Tarot and have always had certain premonitions about the future that come to life. I would love to help guide you down your path to ensure that you're living the life you're meant to live.

Personal number 0314


Hi, i'm Elena and I've been working as a tarot reader for over 5 years.I look into your future using past present and future spread, in regarding love questions i use the cards and the pendulum to check the energy between the both of you. I also use playing cards and lenormand cards.Sometimes i can pick up feelings what the cards are trying to tell me about your question.


I've always felt a connection to otherworldly things out there even at such a young age. I admired the unknown and aspired and still do to search and find the things where others wouldn't dare look. I'm here to give you an insight on the questions you need answers to and the underlying messages of it all.

Personal number 3493


I have been an intuitive an tarot reader for more than 20 years. I'm happy to meet new people and help them find their best path forward as well as understand the influences that have brought them to the present. I'd love to help you understand what's in store.

Personal number 4814


I've been psychic for about my whole life. Since I was a little girl I would have the ability to sense things others could not. I can read auras and I have premonitions come to me through other's auras. I don't have to physically be connected to a person to pick up these feelings. I'm truthful and honest and my goal is to help others solve questions that they may have not got the answer to without my guidance. Feel free to get a reading from me promise you wont regret it.

Personal number 9216


I'm an intuitive healer of relationships, both romantic and family. I've been blessed by my spirit guides and ancestors to heal the lives of others, and meet spiritual and emotional needs. I have over 10 years experience intuitively helping to heal and bind romantic relationships.

Personal number 5326


I have had a special connection with people since I was a young woman and can feel and articulate a person's spiritual energies and help guide them on the best path in life and love.I believe That relying on my natural ability to connect to energy and people around me I can assist people to better navigate through life and find happiness and peace

Personal number 4392


Personal number 7084