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I'm a Clairvoyant Medium, Psychometry and an experienced Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. I first started reading when I was 18 years old, with the help of an elderly woman through the use of a pendulum, which really opened up my third eye and allowed me to see images and symbols to interpret as messages. I help people find answers, clarity, and direction in times of need. I take great comfort in seeing anxious people calmed, and worried people empowered.

Personal number 8498


I have had visions for 10 yrs. I discovered this gift when had a vision with a spirtual angel. I have worked with many to help them discover what the Future holds.

Personal number 6508


-Extensive knowledge and insights in providing psychic guidance in the most troubling situations -Providing tools to achieve inner peace by satisfying the indispensable need of alleviation of mental agony and spiritual suffering -Bringing clarity to the mind and spirit for equipping individuals to successfully take on any and all challenges -Freeing the soul from bondage of mental slavery and old wounds -Efficient relationship counselings


I am a psychic medium and I am here to assist people on their spiritual journey and be available for those who want to connect to their passed loved ones as well as gain insight into their relationship, career, and life in general. No matter what you need from a reading, I will do my best to give you the best and most accurate reading. I want this experience to leave you filled with joy, and completion. I have been gifted for as long as I can remember.


A lifelong empath and clairsentient psychic, I am most gifted in tuning into matters of the heart or anything that evokes particularly strong feelings in you. I can help tune into and shed light on problems you may be having in romantic or platonic relationships. I can often sense if an energy vampire is present and alert you to the danger. I use a set of oracle cards to enhance and support my clairsentient readings.

Personal number 8464


Take control of your romantic potential by revealing ALL the factors affecting your love life. Whether you're single, in relationship, or just trying to untangle a complicated situation, our unique selection of Tarot readings can help :-)

Personal number 3396


Im intuitive and experienced angel/oracle card reader here to provide you with guidance in a honest, caring and compassionate way. I use angel and oracle cards with the help of spiritual guides to tap into the deeper mysteries and help you understand your situation better gaining you more insights and clarity to your life. We have our own paths and choices in life but readings will help give you insight and the you can use this to reflect on throughout the period and then decide your next path


I have a wealth of knowledge reading tarot cards. I can provide you with a positive reading that will leave you filled with joy. I have many years of personal readings that have never failed to disappoint.

Personal number 8429