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I am a 50 year old psychic and tarot card reader that deals with woman's issues, addiction, love & relationships, and general life coaching. I have been gifted all of my life and have 2 years experience with reading Tarot cards. Let my angels guide you to the right path in your life today and get clarity.

Personal number 2172


Tarot, love life, spell jars, healing advice,emotional assistance, curse breaking ,energy transfers, all kinds of reading available. Over 15 years experience and a passion for helping people. Let me help you.

Personal number 4721


Welcome to your future! For over 20 years I have developed my natural-born psychic ability, I have always been gifted to see, hear and know what is to come. My power vividly allows me to guide others for so long, on their personal journey to spiritual development, healing past trauma, and overcoming hard battles. Guiding you to your future today! With no tools, no sugar-coating and full unbiased compassion and gifted clarity. Connect soon and discover your future today !


Hello. My  name is Khalid and I am a Tarot card reader. My goal is to guide you find the solution to your problems and answer most of your questions to help you move forward in your life. I approach the situations in hand by keeping it real, no sugarcoating, but also being gentle and empathetic.

Personal number 6812


I specialise in creating the future not predicting it.I will make sure you find inner peace and enjoy your life ;)

Personal number 5220


Ever since a little girl my dad said I was special. I always knew what roads to take and which path would be better. I could see and feel what the other side was telling me and the thing to choose. I'm an aries who thrives on feelings and healing I've helped others make decisions that seemed unbearable and helped them though with a life reading or a spirit guide to ask

Personal number 1766


My first experiences came as a young girl. In the beginning, there was much confusion and fear as I traversed the Otherside and tried to make sense of clairvoyance abilities. I was blessed with a strong support system to lift me up as I grew and strengthened my abilities. As a result I have been honored to provide that same support to those in need of answers.


I am a clairsentient empath. I experience death as a child and have been communicating with spirits ever since. I can help you make the connection you've been looking for. I also perform energy work--cleansing, healing and I even help you connect with your spirits guides yourself. I can't wait to talk to you!