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Personal number 9795


Really great at helping fix, and build relationships with others. I'm able to help others step back, and fix things for themselves along with others.

Personal number 9683


Confused or fed up with a situation? I can tune in to reveal all your options.I specialize in love & any kind of relationships. With plenty of life experience I have seen & advised on every situation under the sun! So be assured you can talk to me about it, I've heard it all! As a natural psychic I use cards,crystals and colour energy to give you insight and peace of mind. I've been reading for 14 years and had wonderful mentors and being aware of my ability since childhood.

Personal number


I'm an aura-sensitive empath with a background in tarot and astrology. I'm known for accurate readings and have a gift for healing.

Personal number 5098


Personal number 9424


Every since I was twelve years old I have always had dreams of future events. I started getting into Tarot cards as a guide to help me, and help point others into the right direction.

Personal number 8070


Are you struggling with a tough decision? The Universe has brought you here for a reason. Let's figure it out! Readings will be done from the Thoth tarot card deck that I have been using for about two years now. No question is too personal for me, so don't be shy. I'd love to help guide you on your journey.

Personal number 4030


In tune with Source and grateful for the gifts bestowed upon me. I share these gifts with you for the betterment of our hearts. Connect with me if you want to successfully navigate your way through this existence. Resolve the issues you may have relating to love and relationships, finances, family and all else in between with confidence that you are travelling along the right path. In my tool bag I have light, love, cards, crystals and a strong connection to source. Lets journey!

Personal number 0513