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I'm a psychic who specializes in relationship advice and astrology. I've been practicing for 5 years now.

Personal number 1313


I specialize in astrology and love and relationships. I've worked as an astrologist for a few years now. I can sense future outcomes but I avoid going into the past for my own personal reasoning. I discovered my tendencies at an early age around 12. I'm able to do spiritual sessions & mindful sessions as well

Personal number 5136


Personal number 6342


I learned all that I know from my grandmother and she learned from her mom. I've been practicing since I was about 13 getting better and better with each happy customer. I was in the army for a bit and I used to read my Colleagues tarot cards on our time off until I got injured and sent home. So I'm an army veteran now. I still love to do reading and healings in my free time.

Personal number 7351


As a guiding personality I love to help people! I'm here for you to vent, find company in lonely times, or advice about problems in everyday life. My specialty is relationship advice!


I am Honey ThaGoddess, your personal tarot reader. I knew I had a gift at a young age but did not explore it fully until after I became an adult. The way tarot cards work is I pull the cards and give you what they symbolize and you take that meaning and see how it fits and resonates in your heart. You do not have to disclose personal information to me in order to get the reading because the Universe, the Divine, Spirit, or God already knows and guides my hand as I go.

Personal number 1159


I have been studying relationships for over 15 years through personal experiences and through others. Lifes ups and downs are Inevitable it's the next steps you take that make you who you are. I noticed my ability to actually hear you and bringing your emotions to life the way you mean it and the why you want it. No judgment.

Personal number 7373


I specialize in astrology and love/relationships. I use your zodiac sign, your rising sign, and your moon sign to help you figure out certain things happening in your life. I also can help you see if your love interest will be able to co exist in with your aura.

Personal number 5943