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I specialize in astrology and love and relationships. I've worked as an astrologist for a few years now. I can sense future outcomes but I avoid going into the past for my own personal reasoning. I discovered my tendencies at an early age around 12. I'm able to do spiritual sessions & mindful sessions as well

Personal number 5136


I have been able to help individuals to achieve their dreams for the past 10 years. I am the listener, friend that one needs in their time of need. I can help you to reach your next level of success. Lets chat. Let me help motivate you.

Personal number 5492


I Specialize in love and relationships, I have been a master-level psychic and spiritual adviser for over two decades; during which time, I have helped change the lives of thousands of individuals who have turned to me for answers and guidance regarding their love life, every day questions, and unexplained events. "Naturally gifted since childhood,

Personal number 4038


I'm going to help you understand life, death, and overall how to live a great life knowing the future! Gifted with this talent my whole life, at the age of 17 I started learning and seeing things, and well those things were always true on what I saw, and here I am taking on this as a career now. You can always count on me

Personal number 0052


I come from a long line of spiritual men and women in my family. I was raised under my grandmother who made sure with her guidance that practiced my true spiritual purpose. I first experienced this side of my life when i was in elementary school and noticed the many spirits that stayed close to me and with help I began to tap into those abilities.

Personal number 2662


Hello.i discover my psychic abilities talking to my friends and family.i discover that many times i get to know what they want to say even before they do so.i also discover that i can find the deepest problems that most of us have and we afraid to tell to somebody.if you need help to discover your deep problems or just to discuss with somebody then you are in the right place,dont hesitate to contact me.

Personal number 6562


Hi, i specialise is tarot cards. I can answer yes or no questions. I can tell you your future, a full reading of yourself, or an in-depth message of any question you may wish to ask,( for example, love, career, you past, present,future, each month of the year,Spiritual Guidance and so on) Available for phone chat, messages, or you can request a phone booking. Please state your name and age so i can get your reading not a random person. Love and Happiness and health to you, roselovee x

Personal number


My name is Lola and I am a spiritual advisor, healer, medium and psychic. I have a genuine love and passion for guiding people on their spiritual journeys. My readings are positive and highly accurate. There is no other psychic like me, plus I'm sexy! Call me to get your reading today!

Personal number 9352