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Hello, my name is melody and I work with angel tarot. I have always felt a special connection to angels. My childhood 'imaginary'friend was an angel also. So it made sense as I got older to look into angels a little deeper. Im happy to help in anyway I can and ask the angels for help and guidance for you


I learned many years ago I had the ability to see the future.. Love, relations and spirits is what I practice each and everyday. I want to change lives and make everyone see the future. I am passionate about everything I do..

Personal number 7193


I am intuned with the stars and with that being said we can have long conversations about your past and your future,anything you wanna know or have on your mind come and talk to me ....the answers you seek are right in front of you ..curious ? Give me a call


I have been a reader for personal people in my life. I have opened many eyes and made made many realize what was missing from there life or what was going on, and what they can do to fix that issue. A guidance to healing.


Let me help you put all your worry beyond you let me be your healer let me talk to you about all you worrys and uplift you to show you that its a plan to your life.. I can tell you better if you connect with me ask me anything..

Personal number 0175


I have been on a dedicated spiritual quest for almost a decade now. Everyday since I started my journey I have read my personal tarot and thus have become incredibly familiar with it's message. What lead me to tarot is astrology. I specialize in birth charts and determining the weakness in your life. This can lead to revelations on how to move forward with more power. If future seems bleak allow me to provide clarity to your life. Let me share my passions with you, and contact me today.


Call now and discover the answer to the one question that's been weighing on your mind. Since my childhood, I've possessed the genuine gifts of clairvoyance and mental clarity. Are you worried about a long lost aunt? Wonder if the man lying next to you is your true soulmate? Can't sleep without knowing if your ex is coming back? Wondering if it's the right time to reach out to your crush? Call me now and I'll use my gift of foresight to guide you towards your truest path.

Personal number 7891


I was born with the gift of being a clairvoyant and an empath. I have the ability to see and feel things before they happen. I am very open minded and non-judgmental and I want to help you with your questions and concerns. My area of expertise is in love and relationships, family matters, business matters, and I am a certified life coach if you need new direction in life. I do not use tarot cards.

Personal number 6471