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Welcome, my name is Rowan, I discovered my abilities at a young age and with the help of mentors I have developed my abilities over the years. I am a intuitive card reader, I specialise is Cartomancy and Tarot, I also work with my spirit guides to provide you with extra intuitive info. I am a Reiki Master and energy healer and can offer distance healing. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me, I look forward to helping you the best I can

Personal number 5552


I am a mental health nurse and have been practicing tarot for several years. I like to use my tarot as a way to bring the subconscious to light. I am clairaudulent and receive messages through songs. I am able to hear a different meaning from lyrics.

Personal number 6637


With 20 years experience, I will do my best to provide you with an authentic, honest and accurate reading I work on a soul level. Ask me about Career, Love, relationships, dream interpretation and psychic development. My Extended Readings are AMAZING! Spirit guidance is truly magical & eye opening. I give a clearer understanding of your life to help with the bumps and knocks. I will attempt to clear your energetic field, so that you leave me much lighter.


I first knew I was psychic when I had a Dream about my life I basically had a premonition I relived everything I saw in my dream it was a message


Hi. Im Kammy. Im a fun bubbly and outgoing. My specialty is love. I love love and it loves me back. I have gotten married people out of a rutt. For a few years i ran counseling sessions in my front room. People from around the city would come to me to help with their relationship issues. I take great joy in helping people get their love and friendship backnon track. I really nuture people. It is very fulfilling to me. Just tell me all about your problems and Kammy here will make it all better.

Personal number 8267


I'm zbeth a medium and healer come chat with me....I can tell you your future and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personal number 8138


One of the biggest things I loved to do was study astrology. I'm really good at learning people's signs and helping others understand one another so that they can coexist.

Personal number 2450


"Peeking into the ethers for the answers you seek" I am a mystic that has been studying divination for years, and enjoy empowering people through tarot work. Reading my cards, I will give you the insight and clarity to tackle the questions that pop up in your life. Love, career, relationships, or home, the answers are all in the cards. Come and receive the answers you desire.