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I have been doing readings for over 5 years. My background is in Psychology and life coaching. Apart of that, I took several courses (how to communicate with Spirit guides, life coaching etc.). I am an Energy Healer as well. I am a Master Reiki and I have received more than 40 different energy attunements so far. I am clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient and I have clear smelling. I channel too.

Personal number 5920


I love to help all people with any type of problem. If i do not have any ideas on how to fix situation and?or help with the situation, I honestly just love to help people feel relaxed and to be there for them and talk to them. Everything is going to be okie.:))

Personal number 4786


Friendly, approachable, highly intuitive and above all empathetic to your concerns. I will divine your future in different ways. Are you looking to make a connection with loved ones who have crossed over? Or just to release all negative energy and to become more positive as a person to enjoy the life. If you find yourself in evil path and want to talk about: -Relationship -Business -Couples 5 years of experience

Personal number 1080


This is test profile, please do not connect. Thanks. This is test profile, please do not connect. Thanks. This is test profile, please do not connect. Thanks.

Personal number 4051


I've been practicing for 4 years. I specialize in tarot, relationships, and astrology. Astrology and tarot are my passions and I would love to dive into your natal chart with you & explore your potential & the exciting energies surrounding your life. I can help with any questions surrounding all kinds of relationships in your life whether they be romantic, platonic, a future job possibility, friendships, family relationships, and possibly relationships that are no longer and offer closure.

Personal number 2430


I have been practicing for 20 years. At first I didn't understand my gift, slowly I have come to accept it as a part of me and have been honing in on my skills. I enjoy helping people find the path they need to take and guiding them with the help from the spirits and the cards

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My name is Robyn Parkinson and I'm from Sydney, Australia. As a young girl I always had a strong intuition. I would frequently get powerful 'gut feelings' about people or situations and my instincts were never wrong. After much study, meditation and focus I taught myself to channel this energy into helping others. My specialty is offering advice and guidance by communicating with spirit guides and reading psychic energies.

Personal number 7357


Personal number 4474