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Hi I have been helping lovers with there relationships and even woman and men wanting love through the seasons. I help bring others together and help others smile everyday. I know your wondering how well as a young woman I had abilities of knowing who was meant to be together and wasn't suppose to be together. Plus I enjoy helping others in need so let me give you a chance of love.


I have my practicing how to be a psychic for about a year now and only got 1 wrong. I'm not the type of psychic that hangs outside I'm more of a low key one. I like to learn the person a little bit more before I tell.


I realized I had psychic abilities at a young age. I could sense the auras of people around me. this has made me extremely perceptive to the psyche of those around me.


Born with a veil as the seventh child of a seventh child for three generations. Serenity is a very uplifting spiritual psychic advisor. She uses her gifts as an empath and medium, as well as angel cards to provide details to your questions regarding love, finance, relationships and career. A favorite of her clients Serenity uses her abilities to provide detailed information in the forces of positive energies To give you the guidance that you need.


Come to me with your questions, concerns, hopes, dreams. I've been a professional reader for twenty years. Being 100 percent accurate is the reason people come to me time and time again. I'm here to guide you in your personal path life has laid out for you. Put your trust in me and I promise to open your mind, spirit and heart to the truth.


Hi there, I will be happy to give advice on any life situation. I go based on what my heart tells me. I speak from my gut and let it take the direction it's meant. Please only choose me if you feel the pull.


Blessed Be! I have been practicing and growing my spiritual gifts since I was a child and have taken classes to explore all the limitless possibles of being being a clairvoyent. I started out by just doing readings and tarot cards for friends then quickly grew into offering my readings as a service. I am a crystal finatic and like to collect anything from crystals, to books, to singing bowls and anything that catches my eye. I specialize in tarot card reading and angel cards.