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Ever since I was young, I've felt plugged into psychic energy. I can help plug you in it too. Let me help you.

Personal number 9624


Laura Maria is an international psychic clairvoyant. She gives honest and accurate guidance, not false hope but only a way forwards. Using tools such as crystals and Angel cards, she can translate messages given to read into the subconscious. Relating to the past present and future of your life situation, you will have a clear idea of where you can change your destiny. Using the principles of the Law of attraction, Laura Maria will guide you towards the best possible outcome.


I have been doing this practice for many years and have many please customers. I enjoy looking into your life. This is an amazing thing for when your at a crossroads in life and have many questions/ concerns about 'life' let me help you find the answers your looking for!

Personal number 9508


I am here to help heal and reveal. I have been intuitive since a child. My gifts are Claircognizance and healing. I am very down to earth laid back free spirit. I love astrology. I am extremely spiritual, in tune with my ancestars and the divine. . . I need you all to support my business and book a reading with me and let me read your #tarotcards and #birthchart and tell you whats going on with you.



Sometimes we need guidance in our lives. It's not because we're unable to handle a situation on our own. It's because we may need a little nudge in the right direction. It could be because our mind is jumbled. Your question could revolve around work, home, relationships, love relationships, etc. Whatever the case may be, I want to help. I've been in these cases, and I still find myself going towards the cards for clarity. I want to be there for someone the way the cards have been here for me.

Personal number 4442


I am a fourth generation psychic I have over 15 years of experience I am a straightforward and honest psychic I will never sugarcoat any of your readings I specialize in love and relationships all matters of the heart with strong and accurate abilities to provide guidance to help you find clarity and peace also specializing in career finance family health love past present future Past relationships New relationships soulmate pregnancy twin flames Past Life


I'm an a love and relationship specialist and spirit guide. I live through light and focus on sharing my light with others. I am willing and able to give guidance and share new adventures with anyone who needs guidance or comfort. I found my ability and strength as a very young adult and have been blessed to relate, coach, foresee opportunity for six years. Please connect with me if you are in need of guidance, astrology readings, and love & relationship advice.

Personal number 6091