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Hi my name is Skylar i am an Intuitive Reader. I have had these gifts since childhood. I use Oracle Cards, Angel Cards Tarot and i have also helped solve cold case's of missing persons. I also receive images that i sketch. Let me give you answers and guidance on career, relationships, and lifes path. You wont regret it.

Personal number 2405


I come from a family of astrologers, I read tarot, angel and gypsy cards. I have been reading cards for over 30 years I also have qualifications in psychology which helps me help others

Personal number 2589


Hello! I offer uplifting, interesting and genuine psychic readings by private message. I always have an open ear and inbox for you and look forward to adding you to my many happy customers that I have gained over the past 10 years as a psychic. All the best PsychicBB

Personal number 8124


I am here to offer love and relationship advice to anyone who seeks it. I feel loving relationships are a key in life to happiness.

Personal number 7170


87 year old astrologist, I have 62 years in astrological, and spiritual practice. Contact me for love, health and spiritual cleansing. Negative spirits put to rest! Contact me today, for answers, no problem too big or too small.

Personal number


I specialize in listening to people and feeling what they feel, weather it be pain or happiness. Words are very powerful healers and sometimes that all people need are words of comfort. You will leave me feeling better about yourself and your situation. I can't tell the future or anything like that but i can listen and talk to you in a kind and spiritual voice. Sometimes all you need is a listening ear and i can provide that for you.

Personal number 4125


I recognized specific energies at an early age. As a teenager, I was flooded with phone calls for advice. My parents realized that I had a gift and had to start drawing boundaries on the call traffic. By adulthood, I found myself giving other psychics advice. I was told by many that I have a gift that must be shared with others. I visit New Orleans often to refresh my spiritual energy. I enjoy pouring my gift into the hearts of of many. I look forward to connecting with you.

Personal number 1245


Hi, I'm Nikki. Let my 15+ years of experience guide you on your path of love and all it's curiosities along the way. I have a gift for seeing things the way they are. I can give you educated advice based on my gift or can simply tell you what I foresee in your journey of love and relationships and in turn, hopefully give you enough insight to make healthy choices for yourself.

Personal number 6872