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Tarot Cards

September 12, 2017

We've all seen the film wherein the main protagonist sits spellbound afore a table covered in ancient worn cards. The symbols yet to be revealed, heart in the mouth, anxious about what may yet be shown. It is startling, unfamiliar, and potentially frightening. The reader is equally mysterious and unnerving. Strangely dressed amidst a room full of crystals, dimmed light, a distant moon shining in through the stained glass window. On top of this there are strange smells and yes, the obligatory black cat (I believe he's called Tiddly Pie actually) sits quietly at a distance. Watching, waiting, like you, for the truth, the future, your unavoidable fate – dada!!!!

What twaddle! I am going to take that film reel and shred it this moment! Now don't get me wrong, I love a scary mysterious film as much as the next man or woman. Yet it really gets my wick when the tarot is portrayed in a scary way. It's wrong, it's what puts some people off the cards. They are thus missing out on a truly valuable tool for self discovery. It does no favours for readers or those who have readings.

So, you ask, if the tarot isn't a deck of scary future-telling weird cards what is it? Well, if truth be told, what sits on this table here before me now is a small pile of laminated illustrated cardboard. Yet, it becomes valuable for many related reasons. Let me explain. And before I go any further, I'd mention now that my words relate very much to the traditional 78 card deck of tarot cards that has been around for centuries. There are many hybrids these days. Some of them are remarkable, but we will look at the standard traditional Rider-Waite deck. This deck embodies the symbols and ideas that relate to us all and which make the usefulness of the deck truly universal and valuable for all.

Every deck contains wise, truthful and clear readings. They are devoid of negativity and bad energy by the purchaser. This can be done immediately upon receipt of the deck and at any time in the future when the cards feel cloggy or over-used. Most decks come with a suitable 'dedication' but you can make up your own. Myth debunked. Tarot cards don't have any more negativity in them than Bambi the Baby Deer.

But what about the negative cards you ask? What negative cards? I reply. There isn't one negative card in the deck. Each card will address a certain aspect of your life. Within each image is wise advice to steer you in the best direction for the higher good and those around you. The 'death card' is a card of transformatory change bringing big improvements, the death of what you don't need if you like. It's a card that always brings a smile to my face. The 'tower card' is a card that demands a demolishing of your self-limiting ideas (the tower is your life). Breaking those barriers down and expanding your horizons! The Tower can only be positive in the long-term, if a little unnerving having to instigate such changes as required. The Hanged Man is happily hanging by his ankle looking at the 'bigger picture'. He even has a happy look on his face! The rubbish falls out of his back pocket as he looks at his world. Although he is hanging around for a while by golly he's making good use of his 'thinking time'. This is to get rid of the nonsense that's been holding him back. And The Devil card (based on the fertility God Pan), indicates over-dependence upon someone or something. This again reminds you that the chains around your neck are actually very loose. You really do have the power to move away from what is holding you back. Are there negative cards in the tarot? No. And the more dramatic, very often, the better!

Calling upon my greater wisdom (higher self, intuition, connection with Spirit – call it what you will) I always pick up my cards with a great sense. They are full of 'love and light' and positive intent. The cards positively dance with delight between my fingers. Any reading that doesn't connect with positivity, encouragement and hope isn't worth the laminated cardboard it's written upon.

So my friend, Enjoy embracing the world of tarot and all that it can offer you. You'll be dancing with delight too!

Written by: Zinnia x

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