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With 95% of accurate readings and (14) years of experience in the counseling community, my gift has allow me to come into my own true abilities as an 21st century modern day adviser / counselor and psychic. I begins your reading with messages from Spirit that are already waiting for you. A no-tools reader, I consult with spiritual energy, and is a straightforward reader. However, I'm very down-to-earth, humorous and caring. I don't sugarcoat, so make sure you are prepared to hear the truth before you call. As a all around Advisor, I enjoys answering questions about your spiritual, inner self, while, answering your soul searching and Love and Relationships and life questions.

Personal number 18609

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
By Guest on 2024-03-05 23:48:40
She is highly accurate

5 Stars
By Guest on 2024-03-05 19:40:48