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I have 15 years of experience working with spiritual counselling. In addition to spiritual training I also have a natural spiritual ability/gift, which together with pendulum are my tools. I see 'pictures' about your current situation, your future but also your past. Areas: love, marriage, friendship, children, friends, health, finances, travel, lucky numbers, work etc. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want and I will do my best to answer them all.


All my life I have had the feeling to be connected not only to this world but to the one beyond. Now I've studied psychic art for almost a decade.


Hello everyone, I do hope you are well, I have been practicing for a year now and my abilities have reached their higher self, I have had healing and feel that I am ready to help anyone who feels like they have fallen off their path or needs to regain strength again.


Allow Misstique to heal your heart and mend your spirit . Do you have issues in your life ? Talk to me . We can work through them together . I'm uniquely gifted with love , to aid and advise you. With love Misstique


From a young age I have always been able to read people. I get the sense of a person from their aura and the energy they give off... This enables me to understand what a person truly wants, desires and feels as well as comprehending the people and actions that are attracted to them! I particularly enjoy giving relationship based readings as I understand what makes people compatible and what they want out of a partner in life.


Doing this type of work most of my life i always felt different and more intuitive with people feelings and emotions so i would say my abilities came to me natural and i would like to share with everyone


Hello, my name is Yanet and i can give you some help or company if you need some kind of support or just be heard ,i´m just here for you. Everyone goes through difficult times in life and you may not know how to face them...just let me know...The most problems can find very good a solution. I have took experiencies with healers and plants and has help me for myself and i would like to give that love that i earned for me...all to you.


With over 15 years of love and relationship guidance, I genuinely understand love relationships & the best opportunity to feel the fullest and most meaningful aspects of your true self in action. I know the subtle things that hold you back from having the love you need. This allows me to coach you effectively during your relationship psychic reading. I will illuminate the reality of your situation, provide a clear path forward by explaining the subtle details of your romantic entanglement.