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Still learning but I feel this is where I was ment to be for now so here I am I believe in the universe guiding us to places an people for whatever reason I've been learning and crafting since I was 8 I just feel drawn to it


I have been working with spirits and cards for over a decade now. And come from a long line of women who consulted the other side for advice and guidance. I will always do my best to give you the most truthful and helpful readings I can.


I have been a psychic for ten years now. I am an empath as well as a medium for spirits who wish to connect with loved ones. I have dreams that can tell me the future as well as a gift in tarot card reading. I am a relationship expert, and can help you with anything you desire. I care about people, and look forward to helping you achieve the best version of yourself.


I began my spiritual journey at the age of 12. Born into a family full of astrologers and priests, its now my third generation.I began learning astrology and Vedic rituals from childhood. The vast knowledge I possess was handed down to me by my ancestors. I have a gift and I intend to use it to help people in what ever situation they may be in order to better their lives and of those around them. I pride myself by communicating with my ancestors to guide me through your journey and empower you.


Hello everyone I'm Bya specialised in love and relationships,psychology therapeut, dream reveal and tarot Feel free to contact any time u wish and I will help solve you're problems


I am Annika, a Psychic Medium who also specialized in Tarot, Love and Relationships, Spirit Guides, and Astrology. Although my initial degree is in massage therapy, I have always felt connected spiritually to a higher power. I have been practicing massage medium as an instructor in my hometown located near the Rocky mountains in Colorado since 2009, as well as public demonstrations and mini readings. Those who have experienced my approach leave feeling whole, fulfilled, and renewed.


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I specialize particularly in astrology but I'm also quite knowledgeable in other fields as well. I'm quite diverse and can offer a wide range of psychic services to you at any time. Contact me now, Let me give you your read.