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I was born with a gift to share with others. I've been helping people for over 30 years. I come from a positive open-hearted place with no judgement! I can help you with your past present or future. I'm here to help you open your mind and set yourself free.


Hello, My name is Maria. I have been doing Tarot and Rune readings for myself and friends for over 20 years. I have found that over the years it has been helpful for me to turn to the oracle of the Tarot or Rune stones when I have found myself to be at a crossroads. We all have the answers inside us already, sometimes just need a little guidance to find it. I look forward to doing a reading for you and helping you on your journey.


I've been doing my soul warming work since I was in high school. I feel the orbs in a room... I can feel spirits coexisting in this beautiful world with us.


Hello, you beautiful soul! My name is Miss Jewel and I like to call myself a healer and an empath. Please do not hesitate to message me for any relationship advice, soothing affirmations, questions on love, life and anything in between. I have an open mind, an open heart and I judge no one. Are you wanting some insight into your past, present and future? I have experience in the field of tarot and I specialize in the Celtic Cross Spread! I hope to talk to you soon!


ACCURATE TAROT READINGS My name is Tara & I am a professional tarot reader who can assist you in finding healing , happiness & peace within as well as in your reality. The aim is to help you find these aspects within yourself so that you may never need to find them in other places. Please note that ALL of my readings are genuine, accurate and straightforward however conveyed with and through love so that you may find the clarity and solace that you seek.


When we speak, I feel your energy and am given visions, hear messages and become empathic with your heart center. If you are hurting from Love I can feel that and can often "see" the other people in your life. I'm honest, straightforward and I tell you the truth with compassion. I would like to be not only your advisor, but also a friend you can count on when you need understanding and guidance. Let me help you find the best solutions to achieve what you most desire.


I have been practicing tarot for over 6 years and I have been in love ever since. I love how tarot gives you the truth you don't want to hear but the truth you need. I have seen tarot work in my own personal life as well as of the lives that have asked me for advice.


I am a empathic energy reader and good at tuning in to feelings and emotions. Let me guide your future..