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I'm 19 years old, I've practiced card readings for about 5 years now. I've been reading cards for love and relationships since a young age.


I can access psychic visions through dreams. My intuition and psychic awareness has become stronger, and I am able to do astral travel, and connect with higher intelligence. I have an ability to connect with Oneness and have strong connections with Angels. I consider my self as a light worker and wish to make connections with others who seek love and light through the spiritual and physical realms. I can be your guide to re connect your consciousness to the Star Gates.


I am a volatile girl, that can change the mood and convert for your needs anytime you want. I am able to listen and give you the support needed in your hardest moments.


I have been a practicing psychic for 5 years now. Iam advanced in tarot cards. Relationships are also one of my specialties.


I have been always the one for the people they turn when they have problems because i can tell without telling whats the matter and guidance them how to move forward or what to do that everything will be fine.


I have been a healer to myself and my surroundings for my entire life. I have studied the Universe and it's ways without ceasing. I am always learning. I am a medium, here simply to deliver truth and teach compassion. I can see things that even I don't want to see. I know things that man would never dream of knowing. My only wish is that this power is used to help the people around me.


Good vibes friends~I am a female under the psychic umbrella and would love to help you, if I may. My tool is denile but because this is a changing situational factor I typically rely on tarot cards.


I am here for advice. And I will give you the best advice that fits. Or I am here to talk personal if you feel you need someone. I am easy to talk my advice comes the heart. And although I am still kinda young I have been through lots of struggle. I have given advice that has all kinds of people in all different areas. So don't be scared or ever feel as if you have nowhere or anyone to turn to I am here for you. I am honest and will listen fully to any concerns you have