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I am a Spiritual healer, intuitively reading tarot cards to fulfil my purpose of guiding you on your journey. I intend on assisting you seek your inner calm. My readings should result in you feeling gained clarity and solutions/ guidance on what to do next. Types of readings I offer are as follows: Question; forecast: guidance; love; erotic; career path. Twin flame; past life; life purpose; higher self; inner child; shadow work. Manifestation; dream interpretation; chakra balancing.


I recently had my best friend, brother and uncle pass away. I can feel their presence, I know when they are giving signs that they are with you. It's very healing to know that they are around you especially when you're missing them the most. As for as relationships, I am an expert in that area. A lot of men come to me for advice and it works when they decide to take my advice. I also have the zodiac signs memorized as well as their moon signs, which is the emotional part of your feelings.


My name is Miriam, and I am a highly experienced tarot reader and astrologer who can provide you with the insight you need. I can help you make important decisions with the use of my intuitive gifts. I can help provide clarity in love and relationship issues, personal growth, past life issues, career, finances, and more. I use both tarot, astrology, and clairvoyance to provide the insight you need. I do not read for health and legal matters for ethical reasons.


Felt I had a gift since I could remember, its a gift i have always had. Always felt a special intuition and sixth sense to the other side and can feel energies/auras of others around us.


Do not be afraid. The process of transformation that you are going through is a part of eternal growth. I will help you along that journey. I will help you find the answers that you seek, the answers that are already within you.


Hi I read people tones and vibes I don't read people's ghosts but I can tell you if you have different paths to choose from or if your lover is really worth it your heart and soul are connected to your aura and I fully believe that we can make those harder decisions tougher.


Hi I am Lola. I am a big spirited empath. I specialize in delivering messages in a caring yet direct fashion. I am experienced in Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, Dream interpretation, and am a Reiki Master. I offer well rounded guidance and would be happy to help you gain insight today!


I have a sixth sense when it comes to know and reading people and their feelings. I am an empath that draws from the stars.