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Hello, I'm Lunetta. A shaman, healer and transmutation coach for 20+ yrs. My strong suites are scrying, tarot, claircognance, clairsentiance, esoteric healing and clairvoyance. I can read natal charts to help you change then enrich your life!


From a young age, I’ve been in tune with spirit receiving dream signals, hearing sounds and even seeing those things that others may not. As I developed, I channeled that energy into the tarots and wish to share it with those who may need it.


Hello I am love advisor Vanessa and I come from a very long line of gifted Women my gift has been passed down to me from my great great grandmother Who came from Ireland her gift was passed on to her daughter and her daughter and so on and so forth with the gift that I have been blessed with Empath Clairesentient to communicate with spirit guides and angels I am here to lead you out of the cloud of uncertainty and give you clarity guidance peace of mind into abundance on your path in life


I am an experienced psychic reader, intuitive advisor, life coach, and relationship guru. I have been working for twenty-five years and counting! My primary expertise is providing advisement on and insight into human relationships of all varieties. I am that outside ear willing to listen and a different perspective waiting to be heard. Doing readings for others rewards me with the blessing of helping people cope with life's various difficulties, including understanding


Hello💜welcome to EmpressGirl where you will get the best Results you are looking for my Work speak for itself


i am a qualified tarot reader and medium i do auras and remote viewing and can predict the future thanks


Hi, My name is Lady Iris, I 17 years experience as a tarot, astrology, rune, and dream interpretation expert. I am highly accurate, aligned in divine truth, and unconditional love. I go above and beyond when giving a reading to my client. I have been psychic all my life as a sun water sign trine and learned to trust my intuition at a very young age. I have influences from Inca, Viking, Italian, Maya, greek/ Roma, Celtic, and Czech in my bloodline.