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hi my name is Karol, You'll find assistance with all your issues. I never fail to unite the separated, bring speedy, happy marriages to fruition, and help clients to overcome challenges. Find solutions for dealing with enemies, rivals, lovers' quarrels, evil habits, stumbling blocks, and bad karma.


I discovered the gift of clairvoyance at the young age of 5, and have dedicated my life to my practice. It is a sacred art. I help you know your future, to calm you in your present.


Hi, I am William. I have had my psychic abilities from a very young age. I had lots of experiences as a child, and my ability has developed into adulthood. I live in England, and read Tarot cards regularly for family, friends and myself. I enjoy helping people, and connecting to the spiritual world. I am a kind and caring person, a great listener. I am a husband and a father. If you need to chat then please do not hesitate to call me.


I am a Intuitive tarot reader and natal chart specialist who reads for singles and those in relationship. My spreads differ from classic to more insightful; where I pull cards for the person you are thinking about or dealing with. I always use clarifying cards and end all readings with an oracle message. Available for general/career readings as well and do Oracle Guide spreads which help those needing guidance in their life path and purpose.


From as young as thirteen years old, I've always known that I had special abilities. Through the years I've worked hard to develop my gift. I can tell you all you need to know about love and relationships - the good, the bad and the ugly. One thing for sure is that, after having a chat with me, you'll be better informed and well equipped to handle any issues you may be facing in love and your relationships.


If you are needing to be divinely inspired, gain cosmic insight on life situations or find purpose in your life, then you're in the right place. I have over 10 years of experience and I'm here to help guide you. We can discuss anything you want insight on. Sex, health, your potential, addiction...or anything else you are seeking guidance on. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.


Working on self is the most important goal to accomplish in your lifetime. I study alchemy where we have the solution and are God and Goddess that are able to overcome any obstacles. I can show you the way.


I've recently been involved in the physic world! I want to use my skills to try and help anyone who needs it! I discovered my abilities when I was young, and always brushed them off until I started to realize my gut feeling was so much more than that when things I started predicting were coming true for my loved ones lives, I have very good intuition about others and just wanna help someone if they need