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Hi this is Ellahe. I have over 15 years experience in reading. I use tarot cards and have spiritual guide to aid in readings. My specialties are tarot . Short and long term forecasts. Could answer any questions you have.


I have been in tune with spirits since I was five and understanding relationships since I was a teenager. I have solved tons of relationship problems and I am here to help you find love and improve your relationships.


I've worked as a sex and relationship expert for the last 5 years. I've helped couple in all walks of life, from members of the LGBT community to your common hetero normative couples, and what I've found is that most of us have similar problems. We just need to get out of our own heads. Never had a relationship? no problem, I can help you find your soulmate and keep em!


I have the ability to see past the surface needs of people. I can find out their true wants and needs within minutes of talking to them, and help guide them to their ultimate purpose. I gained this skill because I am someone who has been through many trials in my lifetime and learned how to hide them myself. I can help people determine who they were meant to be and help them find their purpose in life.


Wondering why everything seems to not be going right? Is your spouse little more distant than usual? Haven't heard from that job yet? Let me help you get all the answers


Ive had psychic abilities since I was a young child. I'm very intuitive and I'm also practicing astrology. Our life and life paths are very well written in the stars.


I've always known I was psychic ever since a very young age, the more I delved into expressing myself and opening up the more I discovered and the stronger my abilities become. Whether you need life guidance, healing, future readings or tarots I am your girl.


I know firsthand how a reading can be beneficial, and I'm delighted to share the wisdom of the cards with those in need. Through my tarot readings, I aim to deliver a truthful and honest message that can direct you or give you peace of mind. Whether you're feeling unlucky in love, can't decide on an important career path, are lost on how to take the next steps in life, or just want to see what the universe has to say, I'm ready with cards in hand.