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I have been working with my intuitive abilities for over 9 years and I assist people in dealing with any issues/difficulties they are facing in life, conflicts, love and relationships aswell as personal fulfillment and future progression. I like to work with complete openness in order to connect with your energy, as well as calling in spirit guides for your personal guidance and using tarot for further insight. my sessions vary depending on what i feel is best needed for you specifically.


Every since I was a little girl, I remember being able to tell people things about themselves that I no prior knowledge of. I believe in the stars and how they work in our favor. I have also been known to give great advise relationship wise.


I can look into your situation and provide deeper insight into how the other person is feeling. Sometimes, it is not clear to us when we are trapped in the situation and in the thick of it all.I am able to provide spiritual healing, see what your present and future can be. You should only come to me if you can handle the truth because I do not believe in saying something to just keep you a happy customer.


I am a clairvoyant/clairsentient empathy, I know exactly what someone is feeling & emotions almost instantly! I specialize in the areas of love and relationships. I have helped many repair relationships, leave toxic ones, and discover secrets their partner hides. My customers are important to me as well as their happiness. Angel card readings available


i have had psychic abilities from a very young age and able to read tarot cards in my adult life. i love what i do.



Astral Projection or mental Projection the ability to voluntarily project astral body consciousness Out of Body Experience temporary separation from physical body. Aura Reading ability to perceive energy fields surrounding people places and things. Energy Medicine empathetic mental or spiritual energy Psychometry ability to obtain information about a person or an object by touch. Remote Viewing telesthesia our remote sensing to see a distant or unseen Target using perceptions.