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Of course, we're all born with a 'sixth sense', but if we aren't encouraged to use it, it can sit on the sidelines? I can feel ones love intentions.I can feel when it will happen for people and what kind of relationship it will be.


Coming from a long line of Romani witches, the art and magick of tarot is not unknown to me. Practising magick from a young age has enabled me to grasp a concept of the powers that are and can be, with tarot and magick widely being my portal into making the unknown, known.


I've been doing this for about 2 years now. I specialize in the love department and if you have problems in that department then come to me! And we together can solve your problems! I've never had a complaint!.


Hello my name is MysticVenus I am a tarot reader, empath and clairsentient. I have been reading for four years I specialise in love &relationships,family and career. I am non judgemental, sympathetic and caring. I first noticed my abilities when I became a teenager I was able to pick up on situations that had yet to happen. I can also pick up on peoples feelings just by their energy. I also have the ability to pick up on people's thoughts. I am a compassionate yet a straightforward reader.


Hi my name is Layla! I born medium I start have open my mind for psychic abilities when I have already 6 years old, I'm blessed to have this abilities to help other people, I can see past and future. Contract me With love from Layla!


My name is Ella, I was born with my gift to see, feel, and hear Beyond the physical world. I inherited my abilities from my grandmother and discovered them at a very young age, I was 9 when I noticed I was different than others around me. I could instantly feel what others would feel through their energies, I learned to master my abilities, and I am proud to say I have helped many people gain peace and clarity within their life's. I was chosen to heal people in all aspects of life.


I am a certified psychic I've been a psychic since 65 years I've been helping people giving the advice and love marriage business health career not only I will give you the advice I would also give You the tools to help and learn more about yourself


I've seen a lot , I've been through a lot and nothing helps more than some advice. I will listen and give back helpful feedback to fix your mess or someone else! I believe everyone should experience genuine love, let me help...