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Because of the trials and tribulations I have gone through, I believe I have grown to be a very observational learner. Nothing makes me happier than listening to people in need vent about the problems in their hearts. I am able to be vulnerable, so I love people who can do the same. My mother raised me to listen and give the best advice I can.



I am natural born psychic, with the gift from fathers side. I have been blessed and help people with there problems for over 15 years. I felt it was time to help other and share my gift. Life can be confusing and you need some guidance to help you through those moments. I specialise in all types of relationship this being my strong point. Every problem has an answer and I am here to guide and support you. I do not sugar coat things and you will always get an honest answer with me. God Bless


What are we looking for... answers to questions or validation for our feelings and thoughts? Tarot cards assists us to provide answers and validations to clear paths and to assist us in making decisions, but they also ask us to stand up and take notice of our feelings and thoughts. Let's chat and open doors together through Tarot, Angel cards, Crystal cards and/or crystal healings. Get clarity on your relationships or let us clear what is blocking you when looking for love.


I've been able to do these services for over 7 years, for I am 27years young. I only recently honed my abilities in, and tho I do tarot also will not be able to for a little while. My precious cards were caught in a severe accident in the night, months ago and I've been in mourning. Please contact me, for any reason, I'd love to hear from you.



Hello. Im Eva and Im here to guide you. You may seek advice and guidance for many reasons, but all reasons alike, i consider it my calling a privilege to be on the journey with you. Let us take the journey to a higher knowledge together.


I am a professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. I am blessed to love both my life and the work I do. I've dedicated my life to my work, and I gain my greatest rewards by working in unison with you to put purpose back into your life, and to find a way to love both yourself and your life to the fullest. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to use my intuitive and psychic gifts, which grow in strength and validation year on year to assist people, in so many ways.