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Hi I'm Priscilla I am a clairvoyant psychic counselor healer twin flame love expert with over 10 of experience I can quickly gain insight into the depth of the past present and future situations i will give u valuable insight that will thrust you forward in life n give you renewed hope insights concerning love and relationships I will provide what u need to know i have the ability to see or gain I will provide straightforward and candid info on any issue!


Greetings, I am an empathic medium who uses the occasional tarot card as a tool, though I must give thanks to the spirit guides as their energy is what I feel flow through me as I am with the person I am helping. Being an empath allows me to tap into that energy and use it to understand how you are feeling and I will give you my best possible advise that is most helpful to your situation. I have had these gifts my whole life, but now is the time to help others. Love and light, Empathica #8136.


Spiritually Connected, Empath with Intuitive Gifts. Use tools such as the Tarot and Pendulum, Crystals and Chakra Healing. I can easily pick up the Energy in a situation, person or thing all Spiritually Guided. Let me guide you through your path or a situation giving always the best advice for a better outcome resonating in Love and Peace, Namaste


Hey there I'm RileyJoe. Come connect with me to get your next reading, I am a young, calm, intuitive and gifted woman. I have positive connection with astrology, spirit guides and healers since a young ageAs I have aged my skill set has become stronger with the help of education and a wonderful mentor how has taught me to better understand the things I see, hear and feel. May you have a positive day full of wonders, joy and positivity. Sending positive energy and peace to all who may read this.


I am lucky to have a gift to help those who need it most. Apart from everything, I will be your friend. I want to listen to you and help you. Contact me.


I am a natural born psychic tarot reader. My ESP (6th sense) Abilities were first recognized at a young age. I have always been able to sense, feel and see clearly into the past present and future. It was when I became an adult that I recognized my abilities as a gift, My calling and purpose in life. I journey into spirit to deliver powerful and constructive advice focusing on empowerment. I am truthful and non judgemental as I read for people from all lifestyles and backgrounds.


I knew from a very young age that I was able to interpret the future and provide accurate insight to a degree beyond the realms of regular understanding. For over a decade I have used the same deck, and it has never led me or anybody I have read for astray both in fortune and guidance. I have been told that I can ease pain and distress when I guide those afflicted in focus and meditation. Even from afar, I can read and work with your energy and the energy, forces, and spirits that surround you.


Gifted since I was young! However, I've been on my spiritual journey for around a year and 7 months now! I started tarot / oracle studying back in June of 2018 ! I began giving readings in August and started charging New Years of 2019! I love what I do! I'm here to heal you and guide others into their light! Bringing you faith, joy and abundance!