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I am Rebel Route and I have been practicing the art os psychic since I was 19. I am young, only 24, but I am confident in my abilities to give you an accurate reading and hopefully change your life.


I've an empathic psychic who's been practicing for over 10 years.I knew i had special gifts since i was a young child. I tell people what i get from my spirit guide. I use pendelums, tarot cards,empathy and my spirit guides.


Over 10 years, I have been speaking and helping the lives of so many people to help bring new positive change. Those that I've helped are consist of individuals, families, friends, love ones, business owners and so on. The Clairvoyant intuitive and accurate readings are to the point and clear. Regardless of the situation, I have helped people better their lives and set forth a more positive outlook.


I've meddled in tarot cards for a few years and I've gained a lot of skill in the practice, but what I'm beat at is giving advice over relationships.


I have always had a deep interest in a spiritual side of love and relationships. My readings will help you understand your love life and tackle with any difficult stages you may go through. I also help with healing after the breakdown of a relationship. If you want to find out answers about your love life this is the right place to come. I use astrology, tarot cards and healing methods.


Hello My name is Mick I have been reading tarot cards for many years with a very high accuracy rate. This is my passion. I love miracles and helping others.


I have a special gift that I'm willing to share with the world. I've had this gift all my life. For the past 5 years I've learned to accept my gift, and use it to help others. I'm here to help people who are struggling in life with love and happiness.


MysticPaul is a certified Tarot reader, Angel Card reader, energy healer and natural-born Mystic. He specializes in helping you see the light in the difficult and Dark Places in your life. The cards do not tell your future, but rather they help you to choose the best path for your success and future blessings.