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I grew up with family members doing readings also cards,Psychic.I usually just do card readings and tarrots


I'm Gabbie, I have been in practice and helping others for about 5 years now. I discovered my abilities when I was would see visions of things for my friends and tell them about it and eventually it happened to them. Love life is my speacitlty, I can see and feel your future with love. I'm looking forward to help you figure out your future, love and life!


I have been practicing for 11 years now. Enjoy giving people peace of mind and a peek into their future. Helping them choose the path when there's a fork in the road. I'm here to listen, look, feel and help you in this journey we call life.


I have the ability to use an individual's own energy to do a reading for them like for example the individual's voice vibration is used to tune into their souls and life's happenings effortlessly by me. I am receptive and highly sensitive to the natural environment from which I am able to obtain a multitude of information from vibrations, images, voices, pictures and visions. I am able to experience and interpret information from the guiding forces in an individual's life.


My Gramma told my mother that I could see things when I was a young girl. My mother didn't believe her until I told my mother about a conversation I had with Gramma about the location of a document my mother needed when I was 4 years old. Turns out, Gramma had died two days before and she communicated with me and showed me the answer. She is just one of my spirit guides. I communicate through Gramma with spirits that have crossed over. But most important, I can see what you cannot.


For over twenty years I have been the light of many seeking guidance. My metaphysical gifts are Clairvoyance, Dream interpretations, Past life readings and Psychometry. As an Psychic Life Coach, I will help uncover your truth. I connect with your energy to help you understand yourself on a deeper level. By enhancing your personal tools, you will learn to overcome obstacles with ease. I will also advise you on how to achieve your goals whether it's career or love.


I've always had an unspoken gift. I can always understand things intuitively and can offer unique perspective on your life.


Empath, Clairsentient, Intuitive Reader, Third Generation Astrologer. I like to incorporate tarot & astrology into my readings in order to gain a full and complete perspective for my clients.