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I have had the gift of foresight and clairvoyance since I was a child. I can tell you some insight and answers into questions you may not know. And guide you to the truth of your situation. It is done linto you as you believe.

Personal number 11909


I use tarot cards to help me understand the energy that is being projected at me from another. You have come across me for a reason. Let us find your message

Personal number 13484


Hello my name is psychic Yanna I am a third-generation true born gifted psychic reader and adviser for over 10 years specializing in all matters of life such as a love relationship heart chakra career marriage business past present future chakra balancing aura cleansing life coaching whatever might be allow me to tap in to your energy and allow the spirit guides to give you the complete guidance and clarity that you deserve if youre feeling Lost need guidance contact me today thanks

Personal number 14419


About me: Metaphysical consultant, lifestyle advisory, twin flame mentor, transformational life coach and natural born psychic medium. Services: Relationship consultations, conscious lifestyle advice, transformative guidance, claircognizant channeling plus archtypal mediumship delivery.

Personal number 11122


I am a Tarot practitioner. Im my experience, Tarot is not a tool of divination. Tarot speaks to the Universal soul/life journey each of us makes. It holds a mirror to possibilities, pitfalls, and patterns we exist in. Tarot provokes honest self reflection. I will only read for the person requesting a reading. That being said, I enjoy reading for folks in recovery (of any type), folks with alternative lifestyles, folks of all genders (give me yer pronouns), ages, and spiritual lineages.

Personal number 18731


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I have always as long as I can remember been intuitive. I can feel and sense others emotions around me and then chime in on one's emotions I have great empathy and sympathy for others which allows me to not only understand ones problems and issues but am able to almost always solve or fix whatever problem you have in your life at the time. My dreams are very important to me because they mostly have been the driving force behind my psychic abilities as well as my education in psychology. I


Work in progress... creative writer, jack-of-all-trades, great empathy, and knowledge of the world unseen. Have a gift for finding the lost...

Personal number 17962