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Aquarius- what does your Star Sign mean?

February 10, 2015

This month, the sun moved into Aquarius. If this is your sign or someone close to you was born under Aquarius then read on.

Aquarius may be symbolised by water but it is actually an air sign! Those born under an air sign are intellectual people who are more rational than emotional. You might think they are uninterested and distant, but just remember, they are not detached, just logical people.

Of the air signs, Aquarius is a fixed sign. Fixed signs are steady and Aquarius can provide a stable future in your life.

Aquarius is very intelligent, so if you like activities that stimulate the mind, then you will enjoy spending time with an Aquarius person. They also make loyal friends, which should make up for any frustrations you may feel with their emotional state.

If you're looking for a love match for Aquarius, then know that they are most compatible with other Aquarians and their fellow air signs, which are Gemini and Libra. It’s not a case of opposites attract with Aquarius, as they have the best relationships with those who share their interests and creativity.

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