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Calls cost 80 points per min. For entertainment purposes only. Live calls recorded. Helpline +442077148032.

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Calls cost 80 point per minute.

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Call now and enter my Personal No. 5616

I have 20 year's of expertise i reading's and my mother before me. Though i did try to run away from them. But as i got older my power became that every where i looked or who ever i spoke too, I would know or see thing's and some times hear thing's too. In the end i gave in and excepted my gift. I have never looked back.For Some it is for something small for other's, just too big. I have helped many people thought the years. May i help you my dear. Love and blessing's.


Call now and enter my Personal No. 4750

I'm Gabbi, I am here to help you find the answers or advice that you are looking for. I can use my special tarot cards to gain an insight into what is going to happen, or answer certain questions regarding love, career or health.I can also look at your horoscope or give you astrology profiling to see what you have in store. I am down to earth, warm and friendly and seem to make a genuine connection with all of my callers.If I am not online for a verbal reading-you will get a prompt written reply


Call now and enter my Personal No. 6592

I am a fifth generation natural born psychic Wiccan white priestess over 29 years experience help you with all life hurdles that may come towards you. Aura and chakra balancing psychichealer meditation sessions Bring positivity specialize crystal Energy readings, and more. I will use all my gifts to my best ability to help you find the answers you were looking for in all areas of your life like Business,relationships, family, etc. Happiness can be found I am here to help you find your way


Call now and enter my Personal No. 4882

I'm Gem g for genuine I combine numerology with the tarot call me and I will help and guide you on your destined path love n light G G genuine E enlightenment M memorable/meaningful


Personal No. 1344

Receive Insight On Your Love Life & Marriage. If you have questions about your love life, that you need answered. Contact me today. You May Request An In-Depth Detailed Reading, Or You Can Book An Appointment. Specialties: Love/Relationships, Relationship Issues, Breakups/Divorce, Infidelity, Soul Mate & Twin Flames. Skills & Methods Used: Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Intuition, Connects With Spirit Guides, Energy Reading, Prayer & Spiritual Healing & Tarot.


Personal No. 6716

My names Martin I specialize in Tarot Angel and Love readings my skills have been developed over a number of years Call me today let me give you that help understanding with total honesty


Personal No. 2445

I am an experienced Tarot and Angel card reader. I have been reading for over 10 years. I will combine my psychic abilities to give you an in-depth Tarot reading. I am honest and always read from my heart. I will do my best to seek the answers you are looking for and find the path you belong on.


Personal No. 7110

***This is a admin test account. Please do not try to send any messages to this reader or call this profile***